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How to distinguish between the real crocodile leather and the fake one?


Through the time, we have received lots of questions from cutomers about the inconsistency between crocodile leather wallet and the real one they received from the manufacturer. People often wander why the wallet is not exactly the same in term of skin and patterns; actually, this is impossible. The simple answer for this is that crocodile skin is not similar …

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Does your wallet is good for keeping money or not?

Does your wallet is good for keeping money or not

There is the fact that most people know – wallet is considered as the indispensable accessory people always remember to bring along when going out. By suggesting various catchy designs with high quality, we still obviously receive some questions of individuals about the proper methods for protecting their own wallet or maintaining this accessory regularly. However, there is one of …

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How to pick up the best laptop bag?

The design of laptop bags

As we can say that, computer now is an indispensable item of individuals. Thanks to the development in technology, there are more devices manufactured to fulfill the needs of people. Besides, the design and style of computer is also constantly evolving. And obviously the cost of a laptop is not a simple matter for many people anymore. With the needs …

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