9 things may ruin your handbags

Tucking it badly, spilling perfume and not using storage bags … will significantly shorten your accessory’s lifespan.

Not using a small bag for make-up stuff

Women often carry makeup with them when they go out. However, many women do not have the habit of putting them neatly in small pockets but let them mingle directly with many other items. This makes cosmetic products scatter around and causes harm to your favorite accessories.

Spilling perfume

Perfume is a great accessory of girls, but if it is unfortunately spilled inside the bag, it can corrode and discolor the leather or metal material. The best solution to prevent this scenario is to store perfume in sealed nylon bag in a fixed position.

Not using storage bags

Each new handbag usually goes with a dust bag. Do not throw them immediately after returning home as it is able to prevent your item from getting dirty and musty and enhance its durability as well.

Not using storage bags

Overlooking cracks

After a period of continuous use, your handbag would start to have some cracks or scratch. Do not ignore them and continue using as usual. Instead, you should bring it to the place where you bought it (if it is warranted) or take it to a shop dedicated to fix your bag reasonably.

Tucking it badly

Consequences of cramming too many things into a handbag are that the zipper is perishable; the leather is frayed and the bag loses its original shape. Therefore, you should carry necessary items and seriously consider available space of the bag to have a quick and wise decision on having your accessories with you.

Overlooking cracks

Not avoiding contact with water

Both shoes and handbags, especially those made from leather, need to stay away from wet conditions. Besides, keep a waterproof bag is also a way to protect your clothes from being stained from them.

Using bright handbags along with wearing dark jeans

In contrast, new dark jeans are easy to leave terrible streaks on bright jeans. And this is even harder to deal with than washing smudged clothes.

Using bright handbags along with wearing dark jeans

Freely putting bags on the floor

Uneven and dirty floor surface is certainly not an ideal place for placing your handbags. In addition, molds and fungi have more opportunities to attack this cherished item.

Not keeping closet cool and dry

When you notice signs of mold to appear on handbags, you should have a look at your closet as it may be wet and squash. In this case, you are supposed to take out all your clothes and accessories to clean up and open its wings to the point that it gets completely dry before arranging everything neatly again.

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