Best and cool Nexus 6P wallet and flip cover

As you may know, last year Google launched its outstanding flagship with the name Nexus 6 in purpose of bringing to consumers a truly compelling high-end smartphone made to defeat rivals’ flagships. So, its successor – Nexus 6P – was born to continue that success yet with many innovated functions.

Now, let’s have a look at Nexus 6P. What are the pros and cons of it? Why is it worth your consideration? First, Nexus 6P has a whole new elegant outlook along with sturdy and high quality. It is featured a full metal unibody design with flat sides that helps user handle this large smartphone with ease. The second worth-mentioned thing is its display. The Nexus 6P comes with a S-7-inch AMOLED display with a 2560*1440 resolution resulting in a pixel density of 518ppi bringing the higher color saturation levels and offering a very enjoyable viewing experience. Also, the Nexus 6P is equipped with huge battery going for a long time yet charges very quickly.

Nevertheless, The Nexus 6P has a few reasons to fall short of being considered the perfect package. It has no expandable storage and the USB Type C standard is still very young and takes some time to get used to. But, The Nexus 6P is still worth your consideration because it is what the Nexus line always want to be: a marriage of value, power and aesthetic.


If you have had a Nexus 6P for your own or in the middle of thinking about it, I highly recommend to you our collection “ Best and cool Nexus 6P wallet and flip cover” to bring you your Nexus 6P’s protecting companion to always keep it new, elegant and well-operating. Now, let’s check it out!


1. Abacus24-7 Google Nexus 6P Wallet Case, Leather Flip Cover, Card Holder and Kickstand

This is exactly what you want out of a phone case and definitely fits your Nexus 6P. Moreover, this case has 4 available slots for you to keep business and credit cards and some emergency cash. You are going to love it for here!

Strengths: lightweight, many slots, fit perfectly

Limitations: sitting with this case in a front pocket is uncomfortable

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2. Benuo Classic Genuine Leather Case, Flip Cover with Personality Design

Very neat, feat perfectly are the words to describe this case. Furthermore, it works smoothly with the magnetic strap so you can easily hold the phone for a long time while keep the cover locked on the back of the phone. Also, you can access to Ports, Function Buttons, Auto Focus, Flash & Camera without any trouble.

Strengths: good quality material, neat, flexible to use

Limitations: not have enough slots for many cards.

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3. Genuine Vintage Oiled Leather Hard Case for Huawei Nexus 6p Wallet Handmade Luxury Handmade Magnet

You are going to be driven crazy because of this outstanding leather case that was made by hand with the most carefulness and the excellent workmanship. Nothing beats the feel, smell, and look of real leather. Now you can feel free of being worried about scratches or marks on the case due to its high quality material.

Strengths: excellent workmanship, good-looking design, protect from dirty, scratches

Limitations: may be frustrating because you have to open it to view messages or who is calling

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4. i-Blason **Slim** Leather Wallet Book Cover with Stand Feature and Credit Card ID Holders

Top notch vegan leather material with the extraordinary craftsmanship will definitely go down a treat and give you the peace of mind of knowing that your Nexus 6P is well protected. You will also love it because it offers the convenience of having some cards along with you in certain situations. The most mentionable is that this case not only protects the side of your phone but also your screen well.

Strengths: high quality material, excellent shock absorption, good-looking design

Limitations: The money pocket doesn’t fit a bill flat

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5. Dimike Qin Customized Inside Card Slot Wallet Flip Leather Case Protective Shell Cover

A thin and fashion case would be the best choice for your phone due to its convenience in using and the status of being on trend all the time. And this case features both the pros above. Made of good leather material, this case is lightweight and durable with snug fit and precise cutouts that help you access to the port and buttons easily.

Strengths: classy design, many slots for cards, good material

Limitations: not protect the top and bottom of the phone

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6. Tetded® Google Nexus 6P by Huawei Hand Crafted Slim Profile Genuine Cowhide Leather Case

Your luxury Nexus 6P is worth being protected by the best case. That’s why this case was made with genuine leather and excellent workmanship with many useful functions to serve this mission. It’s also designed beautifully to meet the most up-to-date fashion trend. There’s no reason to miss this wonderful case for your Nexus 6P.

Strengths: fashion design, genuine leather, easy access to port and buttons

Limitations: the magnet is too strong

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7. StilGut UltraSlim with Sleep/Wake Function, Leather Case for Google Nexus 6P

The highlight for this case is its ultra slim, elegant and lightweight. But its luxurious and excellent handcrafted material should not be missed out because they bring to the case a whole new fashion outlook and a durable feature. Worth your time to make it a try.

Strengths: great material, elegant design, precise cutouts

Limitations: the magnet shuts the phone off when you fold the cover all the way back to use the phone

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8. Nexus 6P Wallet Case – VENA Genuine Leather – Flip Cover Stand Case

This case is so sweet for a lady because of its outstanding color. But it’s also suitable for anyone who are in search of a high quality case compatible with the Nexus 6P to prevent it from any scratches or damages. This case can be folded into a stand that means you can enjoy watching films without holding your phone.

Strengths: top notch quality material, flexible to use, protect from damages

Limitations: a bit bulky with cards inserted

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We are pleased to give you some reference information in order for you to choose the best protector for your Nexus 6P. All of our products in this collection are available for purchase now. If you are interested in any products in our “Best and cool Nexus 6P wallet and flip cover”, please don’t hesitate to order them!

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