Best And Stylish Thin Wallets For Men (Updated April, 2016)

Nowadays, with the non-stop creativity in fashion industry, the border between men’s fashion and women doesn’t exist anymore. Men also have the need to show their physical beauty in the most artistic light so fashion has to design more and more product to keep up with their needs. Alongside with cloths, accessories are also important, they are things that men can mix with their cloth in order to have a perfect set, and wallets are one of those accessories.

Thanks to the continuous resourceful and skillful designers, there are now a lot of wallet brands out there for men to choose. They are all special, unique wallets which are various in styles, rich in colors, diversified in function. However, this time, we will bring to you the collection of Best and stylish thin wallets for men. Wallets chosen to join in this collection are the ones have thin design, in other words, pocket size which can follow men wherever they go without causing much troubles whereas perform perfectly its function as a wallet, which means that they still provide enough spaces and gaps to keep the belongings. Moreover, wallets in this collection are all made of leather, a durable, traditional material yet there are some that are outstanding and extraordinary enough to make a long-lasting impression on reader’s minds.

01. Leather Wallet – Thin As a Dime by the Thinnest Wallet Maker in the World

Wanna own one of the slimmest wallet in the world? Then you should not miss out this one – the Leather Wallet – Thin As a Dime. Since this one was made in the USA, then its quality adapts the high requirements and design element. When looking at the wallet, individuals can recognize two different parts of premium leather to enhance the beauty and the quality of this wallet.

Made of Napa leather grain, you can now enjoy the breathable material since this type of fabric releases out all the annoyed smell when you put your wallet in the humid moisture. With the dimension measured about 3 3/4″ x 5″ x ¼”, it allows you to store up to 24 cards for convenient usage. According to the latest customers, this wallet cannot hold your cards tightly when it is no longer brand new. Therefore, carefully when taking out your cards.

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02. Alpine Swiss Mens Genuine Leather Super Thin Slim Cash Strap Money Clip Wallet

Among various brands that offer best and stylish thin wallet, Alpine Swiss is one of the famous brands that offer high quality and well-crafted wallet for men. Made of genuine leather, this type of material helps enhance the sophistication and durability for long term using. With the dimension measured about 3″ x 3 5/8″ x 1/4″, you can feel free to put in the bags or handbag without having any troubles.

Take a deeper look for interior design, this card allows you to store up to 6 cards or ID cards for necessary contact. For people who want to bring along some cashes, the manufacturer does not forget to offer one secure strap with the strong design. This wallet is also considered as the great and cool business cards for businessmen. Also come with great gift bag for giving as the gift.

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03. Alpine Swiss Leather Card Case Wallet Slim Super Thin 5 Card Slots Front Pocket

A slim wallet with lots of space for bringing along your cashes and cards, what are you waiting for? Made of genuine leather, this leather Card Case Wallet Slim Super Thin 5 Card Slots Front Pocket was designed as the front pocket wallet for most modern men nowadays. Looking at the detailed stitches and leather, it ensures secure you cards in the most protective stage.

With the size measured about 3 15/16″ L x 2 13/16″ H x 1/8″ D, this one offers lots of card slots so that individuals can bring along 1-3 cards and even a small amount of cashes as well. In fact, this model used to have the logo button; however, the Alpine Swiss has innovate and replace this button by the mark to make it become slimmer.

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04. Alpine Swiss Men’s Genuine Leather Thin Slimfold Wallet

Among those best and cool thin wallets for men above, this is also one product from the Alpine Swiss famous brands. This brand often uses the genuine leather since this material enhances the durability and the masculinity when men use for their daily activities. Although the exterior design is basic, this wallet still brings along the elegant sense when using.

Although design with 3 card slots and an ID window, this wallet will ensure the light-weight feature and slim when storing lots of paper. Different from the model that we have mentioned above, this one is designed with folding style so that you can have the quick access when taking the essentials and cards.

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05. Levi’s Men’s Front Pocket Wallet With Money Clip

Get away from the elegant and polished outlook, this one will bring the vintage and unique design among those accessorizes. With this Front Pocket Wallet With Money Clip from Levi’s, individuals now have chances to experience the combination between leather and metal which offers the durability. One benefit from those materials is that users can clean their best and stylish thin wallet with just a soft piece of cloth. You just need to get it damp then wipe down all the dirt.

Designed as some modern bifold wallets that men need nowadays, it offers various slots for you to store cards and folded bills in small size. In addition, there is one slot designed as the exterior performance of the wallet so that individuals can take their essentials out in less than one minutes. Come along with the money clip inside to secure your cashes.

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06. Bellroy Men’s Leather Card Sleeve Wallet

06. Bellroy Men's Leather Card Sleeve Wallet

Designed as some stylish money clip wallet for men, this Bellroy Men’s Leather Card Sleeve Wallet is one of the best choices that you can use as the business card for men. For those who often wear their small black belt, then this wallet would be awesome since it helps to bring all the things you need.

For the design, with the dimension roughly 10.3cm x 7.1cm, it offers the full slot for you to bring up to 10 cards. While other models of wallet was designed with the bifold or usual wallet, individuals can have a directly access into this wallet without having any trouble. Understand the concern of most customers, Bellroy does not hesitate to offer their customers 3 years warranty if they dont satisfy with the products.

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07. Bellroy Men’s Leather Slim Sleeve Wallet

This leather wallet is exactly what you are looking for because of its beautiful and eye-catching appearance which not only offers you slots to store your necessary things such as IDs, credit cards or money but also enhances your own sense of style as well.

For different types of money, they require the different types of folding. With this wallet, individuals can fold the money easily. Made of the combination between premium vegetable and tanned cow leather, just feel free because the materials will enhance the quality and the performance as well. Moreover, customers can also experience the 3 years warranty which allows them to return the products whenever they are not satisfied with the wallet.

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08. Radix One Slim Wallet

For those who often have lots of relationships for your business, have you often considered about purchasing one small and slim wallet for storing all the important cards. Known as the high quality and most modern one, this wallet has been imported from various countries.

Let’s make a comparison. Take out your wallet and look at the picture, you will see that this is slimmer compared to those in the market, especially the one you are holding in hands. Made of poly-carbonate, those plastic covers offer the strong and durable feature which can stabilize up to 10 cards. Interestingly, there is also one silicone band which allows individuals to bring a small amount of cash for immediate activities.

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09. Wonder Wallet – Amazing Slim RFID Wallets As Seen on TV

Have you ever confused finding the partner cards when your wallet is full of essential papers and cards? Most of people tend to store cards rather than the money so they can contact their partnership or company whenever they want. With this Amazing Slim RFID Wallets, this one can contain up to 24 cards to use when in needs. Made of the premium leather flexes and soft one, individuals won’t find it hard when sitting on it or even when carrying by hand. Design as the photo album, individuals can view all their cards in just a glance. And the most awesome thing is that this type of leather can prevent your cards and private info from being scanned by thieves.

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10. DASH Co. Premium Slim Wallet For Men • Compact Front Pocket Design • Cash Holder • Durable Eco Leather

Known as one of the minimal lists and best and stylish thin wallets for men, this DASH Co. Premium Slim Wallet achieve the high standard of quality in both the design and materials. Made of PU canvas and premium thin leather, individuals can enjoy the light-weight feature even though they have put in many cards and essential bills. With 3 well-organized compartments, individuals can find it easier to store and take in/out those cards in just some flashed moments. Most individuals often concern about the return policy when they are not satisfy with the products. To solve this problem, Dash does not forget to give you 2 year warranty to return whenever you want.

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Above are 10 thin, stunning and durable wallets for men. With this collection, individuals now have a wide range of choice to pick up the most fashionable accessory for their daily outfit. They are chosen based on strict standards in order to present in this Best and stylish thin wallets for men collection. I hope that these wallets meet all your needs and help you enjoy the feeling of owning a high-class wallet.

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