Best And Stylist Leather Wallets For Men ( Updated 2016 )

Wallets seem to be an inseparable item in a man’s life in that they are the significant tools that are owned and almost used every day. You can see that whenever you go, they go with you, don’t it?. At that very moment, your wallet is extremely important and essential. Let alone in some cases, the good wallet can turn any man into a gentleman, making them look elegant and professional, if that is the style you are looking for!

The best wallet will give you enough space for you to accommodate your essentials. However the best one should also be convenient for you to get instant access to your cash or credit in case you need them immediately. Above all, more importantly, it depends on your evaluation and judgement about which criteria that a best wallet for men should have. Fortunately, after making various researches, we now feel proud to show you the collection of Best and Stylist leather wallets for men 2016. These suggestions will give you an idea of upgraded items with great features.

01. Mens Leather Wallet Money Clip Spring Front Pocket Wallet 11 Cards Thim Slim Billfold

For this collection, the first best leather wallet for men we want to show you is the Alpine Swiss RFID Blocking Mens Leather Deluxe Spring Money Clip Wallet. With the Alpine Swiss brand, this is one of the well-known brands that offer high quality products for customers. Although made of genuine leather, this one seems to receive lots of negative feedbacks about the quality after long time using.

With the size measured roughly 4 3/8″ x 3″ x 1/2″, it allows you to store up to 11 cards with easy access. Not only the card, individuals can bring along some cashes for convenient usage. However, you will have too push a little hard when taking your cards into the slots. Designed as some high quality money clip in classic construction, this one will protect your stuffs with the RFID thieft and electronic. Available in black and brown.

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02. Bellroy Men’s Leather Note Sleeve Wallet

Want to own one slim wallet for storing your daily stuffs, take a look at this Bellroy Men’s Leather Note Sleeve Wallet. Since this is one standard product made of Premium vegetable tanned cow leather that was imported, customers will receive a 3-year-warranty that they can return whenever they not satisfy.

Although coming in a slim design, this best leather wallet for men gives lots of space for both cashes and 11 slots for cards. In addition, you can also store flat bills and some cashes for convenient usage. The most concern people often get when using the card slots is they will find it hard to take those cards out; however, with the convenient pull-tab, individuals can take everything out in just one second.

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03. RFID Blocking Men’s Leather Slim Trifold Wallet by Access Denied

Received nearly 5 stars for the quality and design, this RFID Blocking Trifold Leather Wallet with ID Window was made from 100% leather to enhance the durability and the performance for long time using. Not stop at this standard, this one offers the RFID protection to secure your cashes and cards from being scanned by professional thieves.

In term of design, this best leather wallet for men allows you to store cards in 7 slots. Besides, there are also 2 pocket for storing the cashes in full sizes, 2 slip pockets for bills and one ID window. This one was designed with the tri-fold wallet for men to offer the comfort when using. Available in various tones of color which make the most strict customers also feel satisfy.

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04. Alpine Swiss Men’s Leather Bifold Wallet Removable Flip Up ID Window

Among those bifold wallet for men above, this is also one product from the Alpine Swiss famous brands. This brand often uses the genuine and top grain leather since this material enhances the durability and the masculinity when men use for their daily activities. Although the exterior design is basic, this wallet still brings along the elegant sense when using.

Although design with 7 card slots and two ID window with the size measured about 4.37″ x 3.37″ x 0.50″, this wallet will ensure the light-weight feature and slim when storing lots of paper. In addition, the manufacturer does not forget to offer two additional compartments which allow individuals to store cashes and important bills. Different from the model that we have mentioned above, this one is designed with folding style so that you can have the quick access when taking the essentials and cards.

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05. Bellroy Men’s Leather Slim Sleeve Wallet

This leather wallet is exactly what you are looking for because of its beautiful and eye-catching appearance which not only offers you slots to store your necessary things such as IDs, credit cards or money but also enhances your own sense of style as well.

For different types of money, they require the different types of folding. With this wallet, individuals can fold the money easily. Made of the combination between premium vegetable and tanned cow leather, just feel free because the materials will enhance the quality and the performance as well. Moreover, customers can also experience the 3 years warranty which allows them to return the products whenever they are not satisfied with the wallet.

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06. Royce Leather Men’s Cash Clip Wallet

For people who are familiar with different types of leather, then some will seek for Nappa leather with high quality and great durability. Therefore, this is the reason why you should not forger this wallet – the Men’s Cash Clip Wallet with Outside Pocket. Available in various tones of color that suitable for both men and women.

Mentioning about the materials, this one was made from Royce leathers, the selected material for making the product. Designed as some slim wallets for modern men, this wallet still offers individuals 6 slots for storing your cards with the size measured about 3.5″ x 4.5″ x 0.25″. For those who are seeking for a perfect gift for their loves one or father, this one comes with the gift box set and perfect detailed stitches for you to think about.

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07. Card Holder Wallet For Men – Black Leather, Credit-Business Card

If you are the type of person who love best leather wallets for men with the card holder design for modern wallets, then you should not miss out this one. Although made of 100% leather, this one still offers the light-weight which does not makes your backpack heavy when bring around. So just feel free to bring various things including this best leather wallets for men from today.

In term of design, this one brings along the combination between functional, versatile and minimalist performance for modern nowadays. With the professional look, individuals can also enjoy the spacious room which can store 4 cards for business purposes. Not stop at this, you can bring along some cashes by offering the magnetic strap. However, according to most customers, the magnet is not strong enough for those who want to store bills and lots of cashes.

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08. Bellroy Men’s Leather Hide & Seek Wallet

20.Bellroy Men's Leather Hide & Seek Wallet
20.Bellroy Men's Leather Hide & Seek Wallet

The first target of Bellroy was to create a wallet that is unobtrusive and beautiful, but still able to hold all of your essentials. Therefore, three slots on both sides hold your credit cards, while a larger compartment plays room to anything from notes, to receipts, to tickets.

For some discreet bill, this wallet also has a hidden bill section, which is absolutely great! When looking for the slim wallet, most people want to their wallet to seem conventional, but still hold enough important essentials inside it. Those Best and cool slim wallets for men available in various colors and tones for men to choose.

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09. Leather Wallet – Thin As a Dime by the Thinnest Wallet Maker in the World

Received nearly 5 stars from the customers, this is the reason why we should take a look at those best leather wallets for men nowadays – the Leather Wallet – Thin As a Dime by the Thinnest Wallet Maker in the World. Made from USA with the high quality Napa leather, this one is precious when releasing moisture themselves even when you have put in the backpack for too long. With the dimension measured about 3 3/4″ x 5″ x ¼”, you can store up to 24 cards without having any difficulty when taking out. On the other hand, there are also dividers and secure slots among those cards to prevent cards from sliding out.

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10. Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Leather Cambridge Passcase Wallet

For those who have followed us for months, you will rarely heard about Tommy Hilfiger brand; however, this brand is well-known for providing high quality leather wallets for men. With Men’s Leather Cambridge Passcase Wallet, this one is considered as the imported product when achieving all the high standards including 100% cowhide leather.

Instead of choosing products made from common countries, others can also provide high quality one as India for this wallet as well. In term of design,this one has 2 slip compartments and 6 slots for you to store cards, feel free to put the bills in one huge compartment. However, one minus point for this one is that there is no zipper for coins so check carefully before purchasing.

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11. Travelambo Genuine Leather RFID Blocking Wallets Mens Wallet

Scare of being scanned by dangerous thieves, then you should add this one to your wallets wish-list – Travelambo Genuine Leather RFID Blocking Wallets Mens Wallet. Made of 100% top grain genuine leather, this type of material not only offers the high quality and performance when using, but limits the moisture and bacteria from growing out. On the other hand, for those who wear suit regularly, this wallet will even make you become more elegant and amazing in your working outfit.

Besides the great performance, one element which makes this one great is the RFID blocking system to prevent your cards and bills from being scanned. Then with vital essentials such as debit cards, credit cards and license, now you don’t have to worry about them anymore. In term of design, this one contains 10 slots for your cards, ID window and one huge compartment for some important cashes. Available in various colors which are suitable for both men and women.

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12. Kattee Vintage Look Genuine Leather Long Bifold Wallet

Nowadays, there are still people prefer the long wallets for men and women rather than those with rectangular or square design. With the combination between premium leather and the Imported Top Layer Crazy-Horse Genuine Cow materials, this Kattee Vintage Look Genuine Leather Long Bifold Wallet not only focuses on ensuring the durability, but revealing the modern and sturdy appearance.

Inside the wallet, individuals can bring a long lots of things for their daily activities. Take a deeper look, it contains 4 compartments for putting your bills, 11 slots which can store up to a great number of cards, 1 zipper pockets and one ID window pocket. It is impossible not to mention this awesome bi fold wallet in the collection because of its unique designs. It is well made from high quality leather which makes it a vintage and elegant thing for men, especially for those who love the simple and luxurious style. It will not let you disappointed.

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We do hope that with the collection of Best and Stylist leather wallets for men 2016 you will find for yourself the best one for you based on the features of best wallets you ‘ve gathered. From those suggestions, we also don’t forget to show you the limitation for each products so that individuals can consider carefully before purchasing.

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