What does your handbag reveal about your personality?

A handbag regardless of its style is simply an indispensable item for girls to cover their personal things such as mirrors, combs, powder and lipstick when going out or to create focal points for the costumes they are wearing. However, some psychologists discovered that their traits of personality affect women’s decisions to select the type of bag. Let’s take a …

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7 ways to wear your handbags like a fashionista

For men, handbags may be merely an indispensable accessory in modern life while women tend to think of handbags as a real microcosm which can store everything they need and also as a haunting item contributing to the creation of their fashion style. Therefore, women are always passionate about handbags and consider them as one of their best friends. However, …

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Women’s handbags contain more bacteria than the TOILET

Women’s handbags are contaminated with more bacteria than the toilet, a new study of Initial Hygene in the UK has revealed this statistic. Handbags are one of the important and indispensable accessories of women. It is not only extremely comfortable, but also attributable to the beauty of the lady as a sign of her sophisticated and trendy style. Recently, there …

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Handbags – accessories that men can’t miss out

With relentless creativity and ingenuity of the designers, handbags have driven many male fashionistas crazy. And, the interesting thing is, if you take a look at a girl’s bag, you may probably know her personality, then the way men choose their handbags is such an equally important task. It embodies the style, personality and especially the stylish fashion when combined …

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Taking a trip into the factory of branded bags

Gucci, Chanel or Louis Vuitton … have been known all over the world as the most famous brands for fashionable handbags for years. However, have you ever wondered, what generally makes the difference between branded products with conventional items and how can they manufacture such a branded bag? Now let’s take a look at the process of producing a branded …

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7 must-have elements for a perfect handbag

If you are a fashion-loving lady, you should have a nice bag which can help to make you even more impressive. However, when it comes to choosing one to bring along to work, the criteria you set for a nice handbag may be changed slightly. But it is better to pay attention to these accessories when going to work. Since …

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