Cheap And Best Wallets For Women ( Updated 2016 )

We are so familiar with the images of women owning a large collection of wallets or bags. However, we all know that to have various designs and new versions from famous brands, it does take them much money and time. For most women, they prefer purchasing the expensive products with premium quality. Obviously, you will receive the proper quality when you dont hesitate to invest in stuffs during your lifetime.

From this time, why don’t think that cheap wallet from unique brand also delivers the great quality as well as those expensive one. Keep this thought in the mindset, we are proud to give some recommendations on this collection of Cheap and best wallets for women. It is excellent and nice enough to be in yours, is cheap enough for you to take it with free mind and is great enough to make you stand out when wearing it. Check it now!

01. Vera Bradley Smartphone Wristlet

For those who love the floral patterns and boheme design, why don’t take a look at this Vera Bradley Turn-Lock Wallet, one design that hooks your eyes from the first glance. Made of 100% cotton and lining materials, this one sures to be one of the imported products which offer high quality in designed and construction requirements.

With the size measured about 4.75″ high x 7.75″ wide, this wallet offers lots of room for you to bring along things. With 3 slip for interior design, 2 ID window for Id card or driver license and up to 12 slots for those who depends on contacting with business partners or save their coupons. One interesting in the construction of this wallet is that it offers both the zippers and turn-lock clasp to secure all the needs. Actually, this wallet seems to be as the small cluth which allows you to bring to special events as well.

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02. Baggallini Plaza Mini

This cool wallet comes from the big family of Baggallini Plaza Mini. It is made from 100% polyester lining and nylon, those two materials ensure the durability and bring fresh atmosphere inside your wallet during the rainy season. With hundreds of colors for your choice and can bring the best experience for any girl owning it.

Feature as a small cross-body bag and even the shoulder bag which makes every women love, this one allows you to wear in and travel to everywhere, it will stay under your hip a little bit – with 29.5 shoulder strap length. With this wallet, there are different compartments with zippers, and even the flap pocket to make you feel like this is protecting your things. This accessory ensures to cover all your small stuffs when you need to go out for long hours; however, bringing the kindle is not highly recommended since this one is not deep enough. According to some customers, they have try washing the wallet and it stills maintain the original quality.

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03. FUNOC® Synthetic Leather Women Wallet Purse Credit Card Clutch holder Case

In this collection of those best and cheap wallet for women, this FUNOC® Synthetic Leather Women Wallet Purse Credit Card Clutch holder Case is the one which highly recommended by most women and girls. Come with various colors, it sure gets more bonus point because now customers have more chances to make.

Made of PU leather, it makes the wallet become the premium imported one thanks to the lightweight feature, long durability that can standstill various weather conditions. With the dimension measured about 19cmx9cmx2.5cm, it contains 3 compartments with full-length so that you can put in cashes or important bills, 10 slots for cards and ID holder with transparent material to check out the information. Among those designs of wallet, this one comes with less difference compared to the pictures. Since you will have a variety of vintage and bright colors, it brings the elegant look for your appearance.

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04. Visconti RB40 Multi Colored Small Soft Leather Ladies Wallet & Purse

With this Visconti RB40 Multi Colored Small Soft Leather Ladies Wallet & Purse, it has already stayed in my wallet collection for a long time. I use it and love it very much. First reason is because of its mixture of color, which makes it more elegant and modern. Besides the color, the manufacturer has been very clever when designing the contrasting stitches to emphasize the exterior performance.

It comes from the popular Visconti brand, so if you have any worry about the quality of leather or seams, you can stop, feel safe and take one that made of 100% genuine leather. In term of design, there are 7 slots for credit cards, huge compartment and ID window that allows you to store the cards or driver license. Understand that women are the one who often bring along coins, there are two small pockets secured with zipper to protect your things effectively.

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05. Shagwear Women’s Wallet

Looking at this one, no one can deny that it is very charming and sophisticated towards the women and girls. It is designed for all women in the world with the thought that every girl deserves the best. Talking a little about its exterior, this one owns a magnetic snap button ensuring your wallet stays closed and secure.

Made of polyurethane foam, it enhances the durability and the softness when you first holding on your hand. Inside the wallet, there are up to 7 slots for cards, ID transparent ID holder for cards or driver license. In addition, one small pocket for coins is the part that you should not miss out. The compliments we often receive from customers is about the quality of exterior colors, they still remain the greatness even though using for such a long time.

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06. Buxton Hudson Pik-Me-Up Wizard Wallet – Exclusive Colors

Come with the small and compact design, this wallet focuses on giving space for your cards as the Credit Card Wallet For Women, even those who pay closer attention on their business purposes. Made of genuine leather, this one offers the long durability and high compact which you can put in bag, backpack or even you small cluth without having any difficulty.

With the size measured roughly 4.5 inches x 3.25 inches x 1.5 inches, you can bring along up to 20 cards and coupons for those who love to collect at restaurants or their favorite clothing shops. However, one suggestion is that individuals should use carefully since the zipper can break out easily. Available in a wide range of colors for your favorite decision.

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07. Tonsee Fashion Lady’s Clutch Long Purse Leather Wallet

Why don’t think about having one set of wallet that you can combine with different tones of clothing in your collection? Made of 100% brand new PU leather, this one is the imported to make sure the quality for both the interior and exterior design. When first holding on the hand, customers can experience the softness but still remains strong in every piece of materials.

With the size measured about Length 7.5″ x Width x 3.7″ x Height 1.2″, this wallet offers 2 huge compartments for cashes and different types of bill. Besides, one zipper compartment compartment for those who love to save coin. There are slots for you to save up to 10 credit cards. One of the most elements which make people made lots of compliments is that the real product appears with appearance and quality like the picture.

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08. HDE Aluminum RFID Blocking Wallet Identity Protection Travel Credit Card Case

For those who have not known, storing the credit cards requires individuals to own one high quality wallet so there cards will not only be scanned by thieves, but also stays safely in the accessory. Made of aluminum for the exterior shell, it remains the durability and the strong protection for your essentials. For the interior design, this one offers 10 slots for you to hold lots of cards and some folded bills made from paper. However, most customers complain about this problem because it is easy to get broken if you are not careful.

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09. Blocking Leather Wallet for Women + Security Bi-fold Wallets with Latest RFID Block Technology + Ladies Credit Card Holder / Protector Case for Travel.

1. Blocking Leather Wallet for Women + Security Bi-fold Wallets with Latest RFID Block Technology

The most popular styles of wallets chosen by women are bi-fold and envelope. The bi-fold wallet is one of the simplest styles, consisting of two panels or “folds” that face each other when the wallet is closed, similar to a book. This Best and beautiful women bi-fold wallet has received high rates from the customers, even the most careful people.

This product gives you an extremely high protection to your identity data. It prevents people from scanning the radio frequency identification (RFID) chip embedded in your credit cards and passport. The wallet made of the Finest Grade Soft, Embossed Napa Pebble Grain Leather to bring long durability and protect all magnetic stripes and EMV chips from wear and tear. If you want to defend yourself from any risks, this wallet is completely a great choice.

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10. Miraclekoo Bi-fold Wallet Slim Purse Credit Card Holder Womens/Mens Soft Leather Zipper Handbag.

9. Miraclekoo Bi-fold Wallet Slim Purse Credit Card Holder Womens/Mens Soft Leather Zipper Handbag.

This design of wallet can define your classes, practicality and slimness. The wallet is made of leather with high quality; the strong point of this one is that it will last as long as you want. One more point is that this item is especially suitable for those who love the fashion. The color and texture of the wallet not only emphasize the design, but reveal the elegance when using it. In term of shape, this one comes with the square shape which is now preferred by lots of people thanks to the compact and convenience.

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When being a girl, we have thousands of various choices in bags, wallets, clothes, jewelries or shoes. And this collection of Cheap and best wallets for women stays in those choices as well. It completely deserves to serve you. So, why dont take a look at those wallets then think carefully and take some design of wallets that you want to add in the collection.

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