How to choose the best Exotic Leathers for Men’s Wallets?

As long as we have the chance to know about wallets for women in the premium and high quality world of product, those wallets are commonly made of exotic materials which highlight the long durability and sophisticated performance when using. However, not just women are the only one who desire to own a variety of fashionable and premium accessories.

In fact, there are many brand and designers underestimate the development for men’s accessory in the market. In contrast, when investing in this feature, it brings not just the benefits but also the chances for creating a new trend in the men society. Since the fact that most men always chase to find symbols and product which can show their personality and elegant style, and purchasing the wallet made of exotic materials is the ideal method.


Throughout the time, the common question we receive mostly from customers is: “How to provide leather wallets with premium exotic materials for modern men?”. The answer is very simple: Just choose the right materials for making your products.

From the beginning, the most important thing is to keep in mind some general factors individuals should consider when choosing the exotic leather:

Tips for choosing exotic leather water

The size for material: When choosing the exotic leather for your wallets, it is necessary to ensure the size and thickness of material so that it can be designed perfectly for storing your credit cards and folded bills.

For some products, the size is not huge enough to put in the cards, which means the manufacturers have to combine various hides together. As a result, this is the common reason which leads to the lack of aesthetic appeal on your wallet’s surface.

The smoothness of skin: No matter which type of materials you use, it needs to make of high-quality materials which allows individuals to bend at the center without creating any scratches. In addition, the edges need to be folded carefully for crafting strong stitches. (but if you are producing a raw and organic product, then this is not necessary.)

The unique in patterns: The element which grabs individuals attention to exotic leather is the design for scaling patterns. For each design, the patterns need to stay unique rather than appears in various details, which is known as the lack of aesthetic.

Second, exotic leather appears in various skin of an animal. Based on this fact, your wallet also has the different in scailing and patterns, different quality and smoothness when choosing and also characteristic.

Alligator Skin

Known to be the common material in the exotic leather market, Alligator brings along not only the most elegant performance when using, but also the smoothness when sliding your fingers on each pattern of the wallet. For those who are comparing between alligator and caiman crocodile hides, alligator appears to be softer which allows individuals to bend conveniently.


  • When choosing the hides, it is better to pick the 28/36 cm for small scales and more than 45cm for the bigger scales.
  • For people who have not known, choosing the top wallet styles for men with small patterns will require individuals to invest more money rather than the huge one. Therefore, if you find it hard to afford the high price, purchase the wallet with large scails.
  • When using the small scales, commonly the belly scales are organized throughout the center of the wallet while other flank scales tend to locate on the edges. However, this is not a big deal towards the customers since they tend to choose the patterns and construction based on their own taste.
  • If you are making use of the alligator skin, remember that its tail part is not as flexible as other parts on its body. Therefore, to avoid wasting the materials, you can utilize for making the smartphone cases or belt – The most important accessories for men

Lizard Hide

In fact, men receive lots of benefits when using lizard skin for their wallets.


When using tanned lizard skins, it appears with an ideal shape formed in rectangular. Based on this fact, individuals can firgure out the quantity of wallets they can make using this skin and prevent the leftovers.

In term of scale, lizard skin appears to have various scratches on the surface, and each scratch can be used to perform an unique design of wallet.

Python hide

While normal wallets do not require the huge size of python skin when using, these scales are commonly known as the preferred option when choosing exotic leather materials for individuals’ wallet. Interestingly, just by using one single skin from python, you can make various wallets for modern men.


Not only offer the long durability, python skin brings along the smooth and comfortable experience when sliding your fingers on the surface.

On the other hand, the rectangular shape of a python skin makes it easier for individuals to identify the desired shape they want for their wallet. As a result, it also helps you get rid of the leftovers – which is a waste of materials.


Although there are various types of skin that the manufacturer can consider for making the leather wallet – A necessary item for every man, types mentioned above are the best one that you should choose for making your own. These types offer the elegant design, the flexible experience and compact function for using in a long-term process. If you are still wondering that you can not find a perfect and modern gout fashion for yourself, will surely be a ideal address for you to find more information about particular product or even some cool tips to dress formally on special occasions.

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