How to distinguish between the real crocodile leather and the fake one?

Through the time, we have received lots of questions from cutomers about the inconsistency between crocodile leather wallet and the real one they received from the manufacturer. People often wander why the wallet is not exactly the same in term of skin and patterns; actually, this is impossible. The simple answer for this is that crocodile skin is not similar texture to texture, as the same with human fingerprints. That is the uniqueness of the crocodile skin.

With this feature, it intensely brings the uniqueness for those artistic products, but also difficult for manufacturers to adapt what the customer requires. In this article, we will take about how to purchase the crocodile leather wallet and also the way for distinguishing between the real products and the fake one.

Crocodile leather wallet is a fashionable product of the elite because it expresses your personality and your class. A crocodile leather wallet always bring exceptional value when you own them.

Choosing the patterns and thorns

When mentioning about the skin of crocodile, individuals can choose between various patterns including caudal fin, hands, hips, thorns at the back and even skin taken from abdominal parts. Before purchasing, make sure which type you want to buy and the reason for buying this, there will be salepersons at the showroom who are willing to help you with this.

Commonly, there are three simple patterns and skin individuals often choose when purchasing including:

  • The hunchback
  • The caudal skin
  • The dorsal spines for

With this pattern, it helps emphasize the striking beauty of crocodile wallet. On the other hand, skin at those positions are easily to differentiate between the real and the fake materials.

Besides those patterns, others especially the middle-age men, love to pick up the skin from hand, the hip or even the abdominal parts. As a result, owning one leather wallets made of premium materials for men not only brings the compact and convenience when using, but also unencumbered when sitting.

Type of crocodile leather for wallet

  1. For ordinary crocodile wallet: For the common types, the price of wallet often ranges from the base of $20. In term of price, it can be different depends on the skin’s position, but the similarity is not big.
  1. For product made of the whole crocodile leather: In term of performance, the most beautiful part runs from the humpbacked down to the tail. Moreover, the price tends to run up to $50 among other designs in the market.
Not only preferred by the materials and design, crocodile leather wallets are also endless fascination for modern men. Whether male or female, you will be attracted by beauty and sophistication.

In fact, although wallets appear to offer great performance for individuals, the durability is not long-lasted enough to use for years. You just need to remember that crocodile skin from a dead animal is similar to the buffalo skin. Therefore, it is highly regarded that you should pick up the skin from the living creatures since it offers the durability and beautiful performances when using.

How to distinguish between the real and fake one

Among various accessories, crocodile leather wallet is preferred by a great number of men thanks to the elegant design and powerful fashionable trend. Besides, women also think of those products when they want to give a unique gifts to friends, family or their love ones. Thanks to this feature, crocodile leather goods are very popular and prevalent in the market.

However, you can also purchase the fake materials for those products come with rare or luxurious design; crocodile skin is also not exception. Therefore, we would like to share a few tips to distinguish fake crocodile leather of from professionals in the leather industry for you to keep in mind:

The criteria for testing

  1. The softness between the scales: For crocodile, joins between the scales are known to be flexible and have identical vein which is similar to the structure of our hands. Meanwhile, for fake products as the crocodile skin, you will hardly find the fins between those joins.
  1. The hardness of scales: Crocodile skin with real scales is much stiffer, combined with flexible coupling layer creates a perfect material for your products. For fake one, things seem to be harder due to the hot temperature during the making process.
  1. Thorns (fin bones): Crocodiles appear to have very sharp thorns layer and hard like a thick coating. If can find those thick coatings on the product, it must be the real one because we still cannot make fake materials which have similar structure.

However, products made use of the tail skin, skin from the back and abnorminal parts allow individuals to check out this easier. If you intend to purchase crocodile wallet with skin taken from the legs, it would be harder to check out the quality.


  1. The brightness: Crocodile skin with premium material appears to have shiny appearance with brightness when looking at. For a fake skin, you can just see the flat or matte look.
  1. For the crocodile skin, patterns and tones of color seem to be different for each product and piece of material. Patterns are designed in different position and various tyles to show the uniqueness for your intended accessory.

When you choose to buy a crocodile leather wallet or any other belongings made from the crocodile materials, it is necessary that you know more information about this type of materials. Besides, knowing how to distinguish between the real and fake one is very important. From those standards and criteria mentioned above, hopefully individuals like us can find it easier to choose and distinguish between that.


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