A guide to buy men’s wallet with a cheap price

This is a short article describing how to buy men’s wallets with a cheap price, including types of wallet on the market, how to check the quality and the brand and price range to best match one’s need.


A men’s wallet is just something you cannot leave the house. Whether the situation is a business meeting, a trip downtown or a night out, you will need to bring a number of IDs, credit cards, cash, etc. with you. There is a variety of wallet types and brands on the market. You can quickly pick one up at a nearby store, or invest some time finding out which wallet is suitable for a cheap price – Choosing a wallet is easy, but choosing a good wallet can be tricky.

Types of wallet

Before finding out which brand is most suitable for you budget, you should bear in mind what type of wallet you need first. Fortunately the men’s wallet industry is broken down into just a few categories below.

1. Bifold and trifold

The wallets are named after their shapes. A bifold wallet is folded in half and a trifold consists of 3 sections for holding different cards and cash. In terms of storage space, the trifold wallet can be bulked up with a handful of things while the bifold wallet tends to be limited due to its slim shape and design. As a result, knowing how many important items you might bring can help you choose a wallet in this category.

2. Horizontal and vertical

A horizontal wallet is wider than it is tall and they are often put in the back pocket, hence another name back wallet. These wallets can store up to a remarkable amount of cash and photographs, sometimes bills and memo, In addition to the large space they take up in your pocket.

Look for a vertical one if you want a simple and convenient design. They are slim and they have just enough storage for you to organize everything in order. The vertical wallet is typically useful for putting some change, travel IDs and they are often seen in the front pocket – due to their usefulness and this is the reason for their breast wallet name.

3. Coin wallet

In some places, they are called the money purse. Designed only to keep coins, this wallet brings convenience to the best for you short trips which only small change or cash is needed. An alternative for the money purse is the money clip – the simplest form of wallet with 2 pieces of metal, wood or plastic clipped together to hold items. Men use this to keep their cash organized and still in their pocket. These money clips are the most affordable and can be found in any nearby convenient store.

Wallet brand names and price range

The price of wallet varies from as cheap as 20$ to a surprisingly expensive one at 500$ and above. The reason for this comes from many factors such as material, brand name, usage, convenience, etc. Provided with the same material, the cheaper the wallet is the less it will last; a good wallet is expected to be usable in around 1 or 2 years. Take leather wallet as an example – they are widely available in any stores as well as brands – High quality leather will last longer as they leave less crease and develop a patina pattern. A way to spot a good leather wallet is to look at its label: Premium leather wallet is often labelled “full-grain” or high quality leather; cheaper one will state “leather” only.

Should you get your hand on the leather wallet before buying, keep an eye out for the experience. The wallet is worth the price when it looks naturally grumpy but has a soft feeling when touched. Full-grain leather is often made with more texture and pattern, whereas normal leather has stale color and feels like plastic.


Do inspect the stitches on your wallet carefully. Opposite from leather quality, only look for wallets with nice, even stitching patterns. This is very important because otherwise, your wallet will break into pieces easier with just light pressure and bulk.

• Under 20$ wallet

Wallets in this category are used solely to store cash and some may come with a good and durable look if you dig hard enough. Brand names like Nautica, Timberland, Tommy Hilfiger, Fossil, Kenneth Cole, Dockers, Original Penguin, Columbia and Steve Madden offers a cheap range of wallet with just the right quality. Affordable for a cheap price, their appearances may not live up to your expectations but this may not be a problem for an item mostly put in the pocket.

• 20$ to 50$ wallet

The wallets in this price range will offer you interesting choices because they are either cheap or expensive. If you are looking for a quality and durable men’s wallet, Saddleback is famous for its biford leather wallet. It is made from full-grain leather and a nice “100 year warranty against material breakdowns and defects in manufacturing”. This is also a good deal at 50$ for a combination of good quality, design and durability.

If you have a tendency to bring all your cards and cash in one wallet, choose one with good bulking ability. Allett can satisfy you with the classic leather original wallet: they can store more than than a common bifold wallet can, without leaving any crease of course. Well made, they come with an affordable price for just about 35$. Also check out the brand’s Classic leather sport wallet which can hold up to the same amount but with a seemingly thinner look for your hand and pocket.

• 50$ to 100$ wallet

The material at this price tier is often leather. There have been a number of positive comment and review for Bellroy, a wallet brand with high end leather and effortlessly slim products. In addition, Bellroy is famous for their bright natural and rather unique color, variating from grey, blue or burnt orange. The storage is superb as you can put up to 10 credit and bank cards in each section with their High Line and Low Down wallet. A product at this price tier is expected to be bulked up and not leave any crease for a year or so. Fortunately they have a warranty of 3 years.

• 100$ and up

Should you want to ultimately invest more in the product’s feel and look, choose these wallets from the high-end fashion brand like Burberry or Salvatore Ferragamo. They often come with calfskin or alligator skin leather and you are considered high class when using these brands!


Buying a men’s wallet with cheap price can take up quite some time but it can be rewarding when you’ve found the one. One thing to consider, it is not just the cheap price that you should go after. Look for other qualities such as material, styling or opening method, whichever suits your daily routine best.

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