Does your wallet is good for keeping money or not?

There is the fact that most people know – wallet is considered as the indispensable accessory people always remember to bring along when going out. By suggesting various catchy designs with high quality, we still obviously receive some questions of individuals about the proper methods for protecting their own wallet or maintaining this accessory regularly.

However, there is one of the most interesting questions we receive is from Joe, one reader who are living in the USA that makes us eager to share with you. He said that: “I have just bought a new beautiful wallet and I’m so in love with it, but I realize that everytime I put money in this wallet, it seems to go out very fast. Then even when I try using the old wallet, this problem happens even faster. Can you help me with this situation”.

Does your wallet is good for keeping money or not
Wallet is considered as the indispensable accessory people always remember to bring along when going out

Actually, everyone has their own wallet to keep the money, papers or ATM cards for immediate needs. And have you ever known that choosing the right wallet is also the art which can help individuals save their money for long term using. Let’s check out to see whether your wallet is good for keeping money or not?

Suitable sizes for different people

In term of size, a huge wallet is the one which offers enough slots for you to save the money, cards, bills and even some coins in case you may needs. For example, you can check out the beautiful bi-fold wallet for women or some slim wallets that men will never find they are too heavy to bring along.

When choosing the wallet with lots of compartments, you now bring the convenience for daily activities such as

  1. You can arrange them neatly, smoothly without making the cashes or bills wrinkled folded. Your money will always look very new. We sure everybody all desire to use new and flat money, don’t you?
  1. It would be easier and faster to take out different types of stuff including cashes, cards or coins. Just take them out in some moments.
  1. Knowing how to arrange stuffs in the wallet will not make them look heavy and thicker after using for a long time
  1. For those who believe in fate and lucky chances in the lifetime, you should not save all the papers in your wallet to ensure the compartment is not full of money and bills. Based on some thoughts of individuals, they believe that the roomy space will attract more money and luck to come to you.

Match with your colors or astrology

Besides the design and exterior performance, the color of the wallet also has a large effect on your fate as well as the astrology

Match with your colors or astrology

  • Mercury – For black or dark blue, those colors always bring prosperity and luck for individuals. By symbolizing the flow of constant water, your money will come during the lifetime
  • Fire – Red symbolizes the fire. The meaning of fire is to bring more energy and oportunities; therefore, it increase the financial stage that flowing into your pockets.
  • Jupiter – Green represents for floral and plants which bring the growth and proliferation. Not only red, green wallet offers the chances and luck for individuals to gain more money in their life
  • Kim – White, silver, platinum or gold metallic symbolizes the long-term sustainability. Golden yellow always stays besides and helps attract the luxury, the wealth comes to you. For people who are maintaining their own business, having one golden yellow wallet is the perfect idea.
  • Saturn – Yellow or brown earth symbolizes the earth. They will bring more resources. Increase the stability of your finance which helps stabilize and create credibility towards other people.

In fact, most people have never thought about the meaning of astrology sign. But if you pay closer attention, there will be things that you can depend on to change the luck as well as the financial stage in the recent years. Firstly, it is neccessary to keep in mind the suitable colors go along with your astrology sign.

  • Fire: you should choose wallet with red, dark brown or green color. Try to avoid those colors like black, blue, white.
  • Jupiter: wallet in green, dark blue, black and red are the great idea. Try to avoid colors including iridescent, silver.
  • Kim: suitable with golden yellow, silver metallic, black or dark green. Don’t purchase the wallet in green color
  • Mecury: wallet in black, blue, white and silver are the perfect choice. Stay away from yellow or brown cavalry if you don’t want to get in too many troubles
  • Saturn: perfect with such a golden yellow, silver and red. Avoid green

Things to keep in mind

Besides the proper way of choosing wallet, there are still things you may need to know for saving the money in your wallet. Not only the money, those tips also remind people to protect the quality and performance of their wallet as well.

Things to keep in mind

Always keep in your wallet a small amount of money as the saving money and try not to use it. For wallet, roomy space will create the insecurity which limits the flow of money from coming to you

For wallet, it is not only a place to keep money, ATM cards, but it’s also the home of money. Negligence is the main element which makes people find it hard to save their wallet.

Try not to arbitrarily put the wallet on the kitchen counter or floor. Instead of that, put your wallet in a visible place which is easily accessible in just some moments

Do not keep all the bills in your wallet. According to the explaination of many experts, invoices showing the amount of money which does not belong to you. Therefore, keeping bills in your wallet will make you take in all the debt and the bill during everyday ife.

Debit card, discount card should be saved in other places rather than your wallet. To illustrate, this is seen as debt, not your money.

Always keep your purse clean and neat. For those who can afford the price, try to replace the old torn wallet with a new one. For old wallet, it is better that you throw away, try not to give it to others. If you give to others, it will be counted as offering your destiny and luck to other people.

Do not keep family photos in the wallet. Accorinng to some researches about the astrology, photos of individuals will interfere and divert the flow of wealth.

In addition, it is encouraged that individuals do not need to buy expensive wallets. It is better that you purchase leather wallets for women made from the premium materials and compact design. This will help you attract more wealth and money into the wallet.

For those who are wondering why your cashes are easily run out like Joe, why don’t consider those elements that we have suggested above. Just keep in your mindset that knowing the perfect way to choose your money will also create chances to increase the wealth and fate during your lifetime.

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