Beautiful And Best Business Card Holder For Men ( Update 2018 )

When it comes to the products that highly portray the performance and elegance of individuals, people mostly choose their favorite accessory. Among these items, business card organizer for men is considered to be one of the key tools. Typically, it helps businessman reveals their social status towards surrounding individuals.

These days, there are a lot of brands that pioneer in producing these card cases and raise the standard for a personalized business card case holder through each premium product line. Through a short period of time, these types of leather business card holder gradually become the indispensable products in the world of business, in the office. More conveniently, people use it as gifts for not only their loved ones; but also customers and partners in business affairs.

01. Lethnic RFID Front Pocket Wallet – Business card holder – Minimalist, Ultra Slim, Thinnest Wallet

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One brand new name in the business card organizer industry – Lethnic!!. If you prefer the slim and minimalist construction, this one ensures to be the best choice. Feature the sleek design, it stays safety out of sight no matter where you keep, neither the back nor front pocket. Utilize the handmade leather, this Lethnic RFID front poccket wallet is 70% handcrafted by professional craftsmen. This material guarantees to deliver not only the long-lasted lifespan, but the exotic appearance as well.

In term of size, this best business card case measures 4.33 x 2.95 x 0.12 inches. Although the size is not huge, we sure you can keep your basic items secure when going out. Feature roomy capacity, there are 7 card slots and 1 money pocket in case you still prefer using cash. No more worry about the rise of electrical thieves when you now have one effective shield of protection. The business card organizer features RFID blocking technology to secure all your important privacy.

This Lethnic wallet is available in several colors, just pick one tone that you like best. If you are seeking for one unique gift, Lethnic item always goes along with elegant gift box set. Though it receives many compliments from customers, why don’t give it a chance and share with us?

02. Lethnic RFID Thin Wallet For Men, Women – Unique Color-Mixed Genuine Leather

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What is the point in having wallet if you can’t quickly hand one out to someone you meet? Or worse, if you’re embarrassed to hand one out because it got rumpled in your purse or wallet? Lethnic RFID Business Card Holder offers you roomy space thanks to its specialized L-shapred construction. You can take this space for additional receipts or bills as well. There are 4 card slots, 1 ID window, 1 bill compartment and 1 extra slot. These spaces allow you to carry up to 9 cards and 10 – 12 folded bills.

Made with the revolutionary genuine cowhide leather, wallet not only delivers the elegance; but embraces its performance. Using premium leather also brings the long durability no matter how hard you use. To avoid the sizing inconsistency, this business card holder measured by 4.55 x 2.95 inches. Equip to the strong built-in RFID Shield, this cool card holder wallet protects your driver’s license, debit/credit cards, and money notes with high integrity

Lethnic RFID Business Card Holder is available in 3 separated colors: black, brown and navy. In case you are not satisfied with the wallet, Lethnic offers a 30-DAY WARRANTY; which means the brand will cover any factory defects as a result from the manufacturing process of the product. Since this is a new product, why don’t click “Add to Cart” now and share with us your thoughts?

03. MaxGear Professional Business Card Holder Business Card Case Stainless Steel Card Holder

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Proud to suggest one BEST SELLER ITEM in this best leather business card holder for men collection; MaxGear will definitely leave a long-lasted expression when producing a super-professional metal credit card holder. This MaxGear Professional Business Card Holder Business Card Case Stainless Steel highlights a combination of high Polish and Satin finish; to bring the minimalist design. Besides, using stainless steel is one ideal element to maintain the performance even after a hard use.

Since professional men now have the habit of using the men wallet in long design, selecting this one would form a great combination. While its size measures roughly 3.8 x 2.5 x 0.3 inches, you can collect the cards in one place but still put this metal credit card holder inside the long once comfortably. In term of capacity, this best metal wallet for allows you to hold 15-20 business cards; including different types such as gift cards, ID cards or business items. The edges are sturdy and Sharpless to protect things without hurting due to carelessness.

Know that there may have customers who do not satisfy with the product, MaxGear willing to offer 100% risk-free satisfaction guarantee. According to some customers, this type of material is easy to get fingerprints all over the surface; which leave an unprofessional outlook.

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04. Minimalist Wallet, Business Card Holder, Modern Slim & Small Embossed Italian Genuine Cowhide Leather Horizontal

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What if I told you there was a groundbreaking new wallet to help you carry more cards and bills but still keeps it slim profile – similar size to two compact designs above – to fit whichever of your pockets. And bonus, its military camouflage pattern is sure to emphasize your style amongst a crowd. You’d call me Lethnic Minimalist Wallet. And I’d say you are right!

The humble wallet – measured by 4.4” x 3” x 0.7” – is perhaps the coolest design in the bunch, a model made out of 100% high-quality Italian cowhide leather with nicely zigzag embossing to readily challenge the harshness of time.

But its capacity is proven, 3 customized compartments to freely organize up to 14 cards and couple of changes. However, if you don’t like snug fit, a cut of the number of belongings will please your preference.

Though small, the wallet can fit various kinds of cards, like IDs, driver license, credit cards, debit cards and member cards. Speaking of designs, there are three: ethnic military, military and moss to surely satisfy any tastes.

It’s better to be safe than sorry if your wallet is equipped with advanced RFID Blocking Technology – a should-have feature in any nowadays wallets. And the good news is, Lethnic Minimalist Wallet fits the bill.

Compact, moderate capacity, streamline and secure – sounds too good to be true, right? Not quite; its small-size compartment requiring your bills folded in halves might be an inconvenience for those who love keeping their cash straight.

So, consider this issue carefully before hitting the buy button!

05. YDC05 Best Business Card Holder Leather Card Case Excellent Designer By Y&G

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Good Quality, Minimalist and Trendy are the 3 priorities that Y&G always tries to deliver to their customers. Take advantage of artificial leather, best business card case delivers the long durability and exotic performance. Since this material belongs to the genuine leather, please understand the scratches due to natural characteristics.

Prefer the small and minimalist item? This YDC05 Best business card holder measures 3.70 x 2.48 inches, convenient for both the front and back pocket. In term of capacity, this one offers enough space for up to 15 cards. The construction features a combination of leather and stainless steel. You can use this one for multiple purposes: party, casual days or travelling with friends.

When purchasing, do not forget to check the embossed logo to make sure this is an authentic product. According to most customers, the colors are not as shown. Please understand the slight difference in colors due to monitor brightness.

06. Kate Spade New York “Let’s Do Lunch” Business Card Holder

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When you say “Let’s do lunch” which means you wanna ask someone for the meal and this is the great time to show people your kindness. Let’s kate spade new york Silver Streethelp you in these cases. Since this is one imported item, the best business card case ensures to meet all strict requirements in design and quality. One unique item if you are thinking about one gift for your friends and loved one.

In term of material, this business card organizer takes advantage of silver-plated metal. This component delivers the shining and professional performance. The cover is etched with the popular three-word lunch invite. Wallet measures 3.9 x 3 x 0.9 inches, convenient for putting in the front or back pocket. This case is shining with metal, be careful when using to avoid any unexpected scratches. It doesn’t look nearly as pretty after just a very short time of use.

But if you still put your trust on this one, give it a try and share with us, okay?

07. Alpine Swiss Genuine Leather Thin Business Card Case Minimalist Wallet

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When you have to remember the contact and personal information, then it’s time to have one Alpine Swiss Men’s Wallet in the business card construction. With this Alpine Swiss Genuine Leather Thin Business Card Case, genuine leather is the main material. Mentioning about materials, this swiss business card organizer utilizes the luxurious genuine leather for the inner and exterior design. Highlight the sleek and smooth surface, Alpine Swiss Men’s Wallet features the elegance and light-weight feeling when holding on the hands.

About the size, this one has the size measures roughly 4.7 x 3.8 x 0.8 inches. Take a closer look, these alpine swiss wallets allow you to bring 25 credit cards or up to 50 business cards, so convenient!!! . More convenient, swiss leather business card holder wallet features pockets allow the customer to expand widely as one flat compartment. Alpine Swiss also take advantage of stitched seams in the bright tone of color to emphasize the firmness and sophistication.

For those who need to store lots of cards for business purposes, then we sure you will love this one with roomy space for cards.

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08. YDC06 Best Card Holder Black Leather Card Case Gifts For Designer By Y&G

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Taking a look at this one, we sure you guys will be overwhelmed with a multitude of different color models; from the dark tone to colorful patterns and even with a golden sparkling one. Originally produced from Y&G, the cool Y&G men wallets take advantage of genuine leather for the soft experience when holding in your hand. In details, PU leather also delivers the long-lasted lifespan to withstand a bump or accidental flashes of water.

Since this YDC06 Best Card Holder Black Leather Card Case highlights the strong case form, the premium stainless steel is utilized to prevent rusty or serious damages to items stored inside. For people who have the habit of using debit or credit cards, this one allows you to store 4-5 with a little space for business cards. But with the size measures 9.4 x 1.3 x 6 inches, we highly recommend this for a business card with 25 – 27 cards.

Y&G does not forget to attach one magnetic closer to keeping cards entirely safe. However, putting fewer cards will leave extra space inside; which can make cards move around. Please forgive for the slight difference in colors due to lighting angles.

09. Slim Wallets for Men – Mens Card Holder – Minimalist Front Pocket Wallet with Elastic

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Wanna find one minimalist business card organizer that delivers the exotic performance and vintage soul? Check out this Mens Card Holder from HUSKK – one high-end brand in London. Make use of 100% crazy horse leather, this one delivers the attractiveness and long-lasting lifetime. Best business card case from HUSKK attached to RFID blocking system. No more worry about private information is being stolen from dangerous signal.

The benefit of owning one minimalist wallet is that you can both reduce the excess stuff and have a better way to organize things. In term of capacity, this mens business card organizer holders up to 12 cards for basic functions. The 3 precise elements that will blow your mind up including one key ring loop and the intuitive pull-strap for accessing easily to your cards. For people who still have the habit of using cash, please make use of the leather strap to secure money due to carelessness.

Best business credit card wallet receives lots of comments for the good design and durable materials. To maintain the genuine leather throughout time, please avoid direct heat, sunlight or water. According to customers, the size is not huge enough to carry a US bill. On the other hand, the elastic band may crunch your bills and money.

10. Shvigel Business Card Holder Leather – Visiting Card Case – Front Pocket Card Wallet Organizer (Black Vintage)

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Besides the wallet with slots, individuals can choose another design which is more convenient and smaller – the purse organizer. Shvigel Business Card Holder delivers the good craftsmanship, affordable price, and high-end material. We sure this will be a great choice for that elegant businessman. Made of 100% genuine leather, leather business card holder ready to serve you for years.

Wondering about the size? This Shvigel measures 3.94 x 12.56 inches. For better use, this one allows you to carry from 35 to 45 cards, depend on the thickness of cards. Don’t worry about cards falling all over around since you can secure items with 2 button stud closures. In case individuals are not satisfied with Shvigel, you will receive a 100% money back guarantee for returning or receiving its refund.

Although business card organizer features the small dimension, there is plenty of space for cards and cash. Why still searching for more while you now meet this perfect one. Press the “add to cart” button in the right-upper corner and we guarantee you will be happy with your purchase!

11. RFID-Blocking Slim Minimalist Card Holder –Travel Wallet For Credit Cards, Driver License & Money

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Are you looking for another business card organizer beside your slim wallets? Would you choose one fashionable aluminum case with an affordable price? All item from Maverick Systems will help lend a great hand. This leather business card holder is available in several colors in case you wanna change them every day to match outfits. Take advantage of premium aluminum that features 0.5 inches in thickness.

Not only for businessman, you can choose this one for traveling as well. With the relatively perfect fit, you can put it in your back or front pocket. Just choose up to 10 cards and organize them neatly. You do not have to worry about information loss with this one since it attaches to the RFID blocking system. Wallet goes along with one elastic band for securing your cards together. Sure it can be expanded!

This one receives stars and high ranking for the high quality and functional construction. Yet, the card slots are not easy to put the item into as described by this brand.

12. Partstock(TM) Flip Style Leather Business Name Card Wallet / Holder 25 Cards Case

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This best business card case is designed to best suit women, with multiple eye-catching colors. Made of durable leather, wallet delivers the durability and good performance. You can see the stitches feature the same color, which defines the harmony for every item you take.

In term of capacity, this Partstock Flip style leather business card holder holds up to 25 cards (including ID and credit cards). Wallet measures 4 x 2.8 inches, convenient for front and back pocket. Even if you carry one small purse, this one fits well. In case individuals are not satisfied with Partstock Flip style leather business card holder, you will receive a 100% money back guarantee for returning or receiving its refund.

Please understand the difference in color due to monitor brightness and lighting system as well. However, there is the customer not satisfied with the quality, as they easily tear apart after time using.

13. KINGFOM Premium PU Leather Business Name Card Holder Case Universal Card

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Find it difficult to keep all the card name stay tidily? This KINGFOM Business Card Holder Case would be a touch of refinement for an elegant performance. Unlike normal metal cases, this business card holder is a product made of premium genuine leather; allows individuals to use for such a long time without worrying about the scratches issue. KINGFOM Business Card meticulously applies one layer of PU leather which forms an appealing look; avoids the unexpected fingerprints from ruining the professional performance.

Selecting this design means you will receive one card case with its size measures roughly 3.93 x 2.44 x 0.67 inches. It allows individuals to put conveniently in both the front and back pocket, very easy to carry along from places to places. Feature the large capacity up to 25 cards, you don’t have to worry about dirty or bent item since there is one soft lining offers the best protection. All items will be secured by one magnetic closed shut.

Wallet highlights the durability and minimalist construction; allows you to keep them neatly in every pocket. Item crafted by solidly stitched seams reveal the strong construction.

14. Rembrandt Leather Business Card Holder

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Do you want to impress your clients and friends with one fashionable accessory? Choose this Rembrandt leather business card holder. This item takes advantage of the top quality PU leather. It brings lots of benefits including the durability and good performance when using. Besides, it leaves strong impression while matches all the daily outfits and casual attire perfectly.

Whenever you need to save cards for business, friends or membership card from shopping mall, this one offers roomy space for up to 25 items. The barrier is designed to protect your item in its space. So its ensures business cards stay within the case for maximum protection and completely clean and un-wrinkled cards. If you are seeking for one gift, this one offers an elegant gift box set.

This Rembrandt leather business card holder would be great for a woman who carries a purse. If you are a guy who carries it in either his front pocket or who wears a sports coat, choose it too. And also the quantity of card depends on your card’s thickness too.

15. Credit Card Wallet, RFID Blocking Wallet, Genuine Leather Card Holder Wallet

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Seeking for roomy sapce and neat organizer for putting your items? Check out this Credit Card Wallet, RFID Blocking Wallet. Feature the combination of top grain and 100% genuine leather, wallets deliver the smooth and comfortable feeling. You will feel it, especially when carrying on the hands. Do not worry if you are not satisfied. This brand offers you a 100% refund within 90 days of purchase, 12 months for a replacement.

Searching for the size? This one measures 2.95 x 4.13 x 0.98 inches, convenient for back and front pocket. In term of construction, you will find 2 compartments for cash and 11 cards slots. For people who still have a habit of using coin, put them inside the zipper pocket to avoid falling all over around. Wallet prevents the situation of losing your private information due to carelessness. Its RFID Blocking System blocks all strange signals that damage your privacy.

This best business card case is available in several colors, just pick one tone that you like best. If you are seeking for one unique gift, the item always goes along with elegant gift box set. Though it receives many compliments from customers, why don’t give it a chance and share with us?

All these 15 business card holders are hand-picky ones that come with the best qualityand catchy designs. They are carefully chosen from the most favored card case sold online. I hope that with the help of one of those business card holders in this collection of Beautiful and best business card holder for men in 2018, you can reach your business success and strengthen the relationship by bringing along the cards for immediate contacts.

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