Best And Awesome Chain Wallet For Men In 2018

When hearing about the chain wallets for men, individuals tend to feel curious not only about the name, but also the design for those accessories. In fact, biker chain wallet has become the interesting accessories since the start of men’s fashion. The inspiration for it originally come from punk rockers in the 1970’s who love to make use of the biker chain wallet. At this period, using the chains is an ideal way when bikers try to avoid losing their wallet when racing intensely on the road.

Talking about those chain wallets for men, people often imagine the rough and complicated construction in the design. And obviously, these elements reflect the dynamism and cool performance. However, they may not appear as what you have thought. Those leather biker wallets with chain are perfect accessories for men, which look masculine, strong and convenient for bringing the essentials.

Let’s follow this collection of Best and awesome chain wallets for men and check out what we have recommended above.

01. Men’s Biker’s Wallet Kabana with 45 Cm Long Metal Chain to Hang

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Let’s take a look at this first one which reflects the rough design and safe construction – Men’s Biker’s Wallet Kabana. Made of genuine leather, wallet ensures the long durability as well as the good performance. The chain wallets for men have their edges covered with solid stitches. It brings the harmony in design as well as enhance the quality of wallet’s appearance. Leather wallet with chain attaches one metal chain measures 17.5 inches.

The inner construction takes advantage of smooth faux leather, so your item will receive the good protection instead of having scratches. For those who are wondering about the size, this biker chain wallet measures 4.7 x 3.5 inches. In term of design, there are 2 full-length compartments for cash, 3 credit cards and 2 ID windows. If you still have the habit of using coins, then kindly leave them inside the zipper pocket and one additional covered with the button.

You don’t have to worry about this one since there are 2 button snaps to offer the best protection. Be careful when using the chain cause its quality is not good enough.

02. Dickies Men’s Slimfold Wallet

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Mentioning about Dickies, we all know this brand offers high-quality accessories for dynamic people; from clothes to shoes, wallet. Take a look at this Dickies Men’s Leather Slimfold Wallet With Chain, it is available in multiple dark colors to show the masculinity and dynamism. Since this leather wallet for men is one imported item, wallet ensures to deliver the perfect standards in construction. Utilize 100% genuine leather, the situation of replacing the recent one due to tears or stains will not happen.

This one measures roughly 3.5 inches high x 4.5 inches wide, appears as the bi-fold design. Take a closer look, you will have roomy space to store things; with one full-length compartment, 2 hidden pockets, 4 card slots and an ID window. Cool people with the habit of showing their cool personality will interest in this one thanks to the removable chain combine to lobster-claw clasp.

Mens wallet with chain come with elegant gift-box set for the birthday or special occasions. Most customers complain that the chain is too short, which allows you to hook into a back loop. The material is extremely durable for years, and even allows you to wash gently by cloth.

03. Hot Leathers WLB1001 BLACK, 4″ Classic Black Wallet with Chain (BLACK, 4″)

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Chain wallets for men are available in several designs and colors. This Hot Leathers WLB1001 BLACK takes advantage of the soft leather, comfortable when carrying for the whole day. Its outer performance is covered with lining layer, helps bring the masculinity and suits your daily outfit. Besides the chain, there is one additional loop in case you wanna attach to your recent belt.

For individuals who need the average dimension of the product, be aware that its package measures around 7 x 4 x 1.1 inches. In term of design, mens wallet with chain features 3 slots for the card and one pocket for bills at the center. If you already had one bi-fold wallet for men, you can try the new design – the TRIFOLD one; which receives high protection thanks to 2 button closures! You will find one detachable chain with the length measures 12 inches to keep your assets secure.

If you prefer the wallet that features simple space and masculinity, then these Hot Leathers chain wallets for men is one good option. According to most customers, the quality is not good enough; especially the closure button. Be careful when using!

04. New Vintage Brown Leather Wallet With Chain Mens Bifold /Many Card Holder 4.9 out of 5 stars

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Prefer the brown color combines with vintage performance? These New Vintage Brown Chain Wallets for Men will definitely blow your mind up. Made of genuine leather, wallet with chain delivers the durability as well as intense elasticity no matter how hard you use. The inner construction utilizes the soft synthetic, which helps items remain stable inside.

Wondering about the size? The chain wallets for men measure 11.5 x 9.5 centimeters. It is convenient for you to put inside both the front and back pocket, even carrying on hands. Take a closer look, you will find one full-length compartment for cash, up to 10 slots for cards and 1 ID window. If you have the habit of using coins, kindly store them inside one pocket secures with a zipper. Wallet attaches to one 43 centimeters metal chain.

According to most customers, the actual item is the same as the advertisement. The reason why we highly recommend this one is because of the high ranking and positive compliments. For those who are in love with an accessory that offers you roomy space, then New Vintage chain wallets for men are sure to meet the needs.

Do you like wallet with slim construction? Better check out The slim wallets for men collection.

05. Levi’s Men’s Trifold Wallet

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Among all the famous brands, Levi’s always surprised its audiences with the elegant and high-quality product. So why don’t carry your cash in style with the Trifold chain wallets for men. As this Levi’s Men’s Trifold wallet is one imported product, it ensures the good quality of design as well as material. Wallet with chain utilizes the genuine leather, which reflects the long-lasted lifespan to deal with any outer impacts. Feel free to pick one among the various colors for this version.

In term of construction, the wallet features 2 hidden slip pockets, 1 full-length compartment, up to 6 credit cards. There is one additional ID window for conveniently checking at the station. If you already had one bifold wallet, then just refresh your collection with this trifold one. Biker chain wallet has its size measures 4 1/8 high x 3 ¼ wide, convenient for pockets and even small suitcase.

While featuring the trifold construction, this one will get thicker depends on the quantity of the item you keep inside. Based on the most comment, you need to be careful when removing the tag so the inner leather won’t peel off. Still thinking about one unique gift? This Levi’s item package includes one elegant gift box set and wallet with chain.

Take a look at more trifold designs? Check out Tri-fold wallets for modern men.

06. Marvel The Punisher Skull Logo Mens Biker Chain Wallet

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Because of the numerous underlying meanings associated with the skull, fashion has embraced it wholeheartedly. The skull can also be a symbol of toughness and bravery. Let’s bring a new color to the table with this Marvel The Punisher Skull Logo Wallet With Chain. Feature the combination of faux and PU leather, it brings the high-end feeling while you just need to pay an affordable price.

Commonly, most chain wallets for men feature the trifold construction. Though it may take much space, but your item is well-organized thanks to the tidy slots. Take a closer look, there are 3 vertical slots, 1 cash pocket and 1 transparent ID window. No matter which purpose you aim for, take advantage of the 15 inches chain goes along with keeper loop. It would be a great idea for one professional biker to choose this. No more worry about having cash and card falling all around.

The material somehow is not good enough, so it is better to pay intense maintenance. The product features as described in the advertisement.

07. BioWorld Nintendo Zelda Tri-Fold Chain Wallets For Men

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For the chain wallet in this industry, let’s get to know one whole new brand – the BioWorld. And BioWorld is too proud to release their new item – BioWorld Men’s Nintendo Zelda Tri-Fold Chain Wallet. Focusing on highlighting the performance and construction, chain wallets for men sure to be one of your ideal options. Feature a combination of PU leather and PVC, mens wallet with chain delivers the strong construction and durability for long-term use.

Wondering about the size? You can carry this one comfortably or put inside pockets with the product dimension measures 7.5 x 4 x 0.5 inches. When opening, there is 1 cash compartment, 3 card slots and an additional pocket for important receipts. Besides, individuals can put their personal identity inside ID window for convenient checking. As leather wallet with chains emphasizes the high protection, this one allows you to attach a belt loop or pocket.

Fortunately, this wallet with chain satisfies most customers; thanks to its design and perfect materials. According to some people, the slot seems to be a little bit tight; requires you to put more effort and care.

08. Carroll Leather 638 Black 5-Pocket Biker Wallet with Chain

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Most chain wallets for men appear with the rough and heavy duty metal accessory. This one is much more different if you are seeking for masculinity and elegance. If good quality and brand are your top priorities, we highly recommend this Carroll Leather 638 Black 5-Pocket Biker Wallet with Chain. Made in the USA, the product takes advantage of premium leather and needs to go through strict crafting process.

The outer surface features one layer of lining material, which makes it look shiny and exclusive. In term of capacity, there are 5 pockets inside. Such roomy space for cards and cash!! Feature the handy design, wallet measures 6 1/8 inches long by 3 ¼ inches wide folded and snapped. There is one metal chain with belt loop for better protection.

This one receives mostly compliments, for the good quality and construction. But thickness may increase depends on things you keep inside.

09. Men’s Gray Biker’s Genuine Leather Wallet with 20 Inch Long Chain to Hang

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Wanna find one of the most well-organized chain wallets for men? This Men’s Gray Biker’s Genuine Leather Wallet needs to stay on top of the list. Make of genuine leather; obviously, it delivers the great performance and long-lasted lifespan no matter how hard you use. Mens wallet with chain has its edges covered with contrasting solid stitches, which make you feel the sturdiness at such an affordable price.

In term of sizing, this Men’s Gray Biker’s Genuine Chain Wallets for Men measures 4.1 x 4.7 inches. This dimension is suitable to keep any pants or even socks if you go out on the weekend. Mentioning about construction, you will find 2 full-length compartments, up to 4 card slots and 1 ID window. There is one additional button pouch + zipper pocket to keep tiny keys or coins secure. Wallet attaches to one metal chain measures 20 inches in length.

Kindly keep in mind that US UK customers may find this Wallet With Chain too large. Yet, the brand can make more improvement on the chain, to make it stronger and feature the higher quality.

10. BioWorld Men’s DC Comics Batman Trifold Chain Wallet

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One more version of BioWorld product – the BioWorld Men’s DC Comics Batman Trifold Wallet With Chain. Take advantage of the faux leather, mens wallet with chain delivers the strong construction and durability for long term use. You will find its inner construction utilizes lining polyester, which delivers the smooth experience. But this is not enough!! This kind of lining will either reduce scratches or absorb the flashes of water due to carelessness.

Wondering about the size? You can carry this one comfortably or put inside pockets with the product dimension measures 4 x 3 x 0.75 inches (when being closed). When opening, there is 1 cash compartment, 3 card slots and an additional pocket for important receipts. Besides, individuals can put their personal identity inside ID window for convenient checking. As biker chain wallets for men attach a belt loop or pocket to keep it from being misplaced.

Fortunately, this one satisfies most customers; thanks to its design and perfect materials. The Batman medallion is a really cute pattern to bring more uniqueness. Chain wallets for men offer high protection by attaching 2 sturdy button closures.

11. Itslife Men’s RFID BLOCKING Brown Bifold Vintage Hand Made Leather Chain Wallets For Men

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You prefer the accessory with the vintage look and exotic material? You find the long wallets for men are much more convenient for carrying all days? Then all your searches need to end up with this one – the Itslife Men’s RFID Blocking Bifold Leather Wallet With Chain. Take advantage of premium oil-tanned leather (cowhide leather), no more worry about the quality and performance anymore.

Although this one design follows the long construction, its size measures 7.3 x 3.6 x 1 inches. As individuals are worried about the rise of electrical thieves. Choosing this one will bring you the peace of mind thanks to the RFID blocking system; which fight against any dangerous signals. In term of construction, wallet includes 6 card slots, 1 zipper pocket, and 2 bill compartments. You will find one inner slot that offers space for your smartphone as well.

The real product appears to be a little bit small compared to the mentioned dimension. One element needs improving is the quality of chain clasp; it is easy to break into parts based on customer feedback.

This is our suggestions about the product in this collection of Best chain wallets for men is the skeptic. They are chain wallets, do chain ones look so complicated and girly. However, I am wrong. All chain in those wallets are cleverly designed and mixed with total design. They are awesome, they are cool and they are the best, what are you waiting for more?

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