Awesome And Best Metal Wallet For Men (Updated 2018)

Best metal wallet for men is no longer known as an important accessory to store your cash and business cards; along when going out. These days, stainless steel wallet equips to the strong protective technology that helps secure your privacy. So no more worry about having your information stolen from dangerous thieves.

It is not surprise that a best metal wallet for men nowadays delivers a functional and stylish companion. Indeed, there are tons of aluminum wallets out there but choosing a suitable one matching your purpose is really a hard work. Below is the collection of the best and awesome metal wallets which are durable and made of reliable material.

Don’t waste your time anymore, here let’s take a look at the 12 designs of Awesome and Best metal wallet for men in 2018.

01. Trayvax Contour Wallet (Raw)

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Let’s blow a new wind into your metal wallet collection with this Trayvax Contour Wallet (Raw). This best metal wallet for men applies the modern design base on the classic leather wallet. Kindly feel proud of the material and quality of this one; since all the components, the design is assembled from the USA. Utilize the CNC-machined stainless steel plates, metal wallet delivers the durability and the exotic beauty throughout the time.

Feature the combination of stainless steel and top grain leather, it brings the smoothness when carrying on hands but still makes sure things are stable in its place. The capacity is enough for you to carry up to 8 cards. You will also find one clasp allows you to keep up to 10 bills; sure you can adjust the clasp also. Attach to the strong RFID blocking system, no more worry about the loss of your privacy due to dangerous thieves. Best metal wallet for men designs with an integrated bottle opener.

This is one perfect metal wallet case that receives lots of compliments from customers. The edges are smooth go along with mechanism snap; which brings the uniqueness of your accessory. There are four separated colors for you to choose including the brown, mud, black and red.

02. Dango Dapper 2 EDC Wallet – Made in USA – Genuine Leather, Nickel-Plated

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The Dango Dapper 2 EDC ensures to bring the sophistication and masculinity that matches your daily outfits perfectly. Feature the modernity combines with exotic leather, you will feel the incorporate clean lines go along very well with eye-catching textures. As best metal wallet for men originally came from the USA, one of its sides utilizes the nickel plated which delivers the high hardness experience for individuals. One secret that may surprise you up is that each metal wallet takes 1 hour to get polished by hand.

On the other hand, the side takes advantage of top grain leather. All its edges receive the solid secure using premium mil-spec bolts. Bringing too many often requires people seeking for one premium wallet with good protection. Dango stainless steel wallet equips the strong RFID blocking system that blocks all dangerous signal. The precise part belongs to the push notch at the bottom. You can access your cards easily from the front or the bottom.

Luckily, this best metal wallet for men receives lots of compliments for the design and performance. Even the size is small, we sure you can carry all the basic essentials for days inside. The aluminum frames emboss Dango logo brand for intense uniqueness.

03. Shell-D RFID Blocking Credit Card Protector

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With high ranking and positive compliments, this Shell-D Blocking Metal Wallet For Men is one perfect item suggested by us and even Amazon’s choice. Utilize the metal material, you can carry your items in place for multiple purposes. Besides, the best metal wallet for men from Shell-D equips the strong RFID blocking system. While most metal wallet cannot block the 125KHz signals, this one guarantees for both the 13.56 MHz and 125KHz level.

In term of sizing, product measures roughly 4.3 x 3 x 0.8 inches. You can feel free to put in the front or back pocket, even carrying on hands when out of the house. Take a look inside, there are 7 card slots allow you to bring up to 10 cards. For better protection, individuals can close the metal wallet case safely and securely when it is not in use.

In case individuals are not satisfied with Shell-D item, the brand offers 100% guarantee for a full-refund or replacement. As the clasp is not high-quality enough. So avoid dropping the metal wallet case since all your item can fall all over around.

04. MaxGear Professional Business Card Holder Business Card Case Stainless Steel Card Holder

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Proud to suggest one BEST SELLER ITEM in this best metal wallet for men collection; MaxGear will definitely leave a long-lasted expression when producing a super-professional metal credit card holder. This MaxGear Professional Business Card Holder Business Card Case Stainless Steel highlights a combination of high Polish and Satin finish; to bring the minimalist design. Besides, using stainless steel is one ideal element to maintain the performance even after a hard use.

Since professional men now have the habit of using the men wallet in long design, selecting this one would form a great combination. While its size measures roughly 3.8 x 2.5 x 0.3 inches, you can collect the cards in one place but still put this metal credit card holder inside the long once comfortably. In term of capacity, this best metal wallet for allows you to hold 15-20 business cards; including different types such as gift cards, ID cards or business items. The edges are sturdy and Sharpless to protect things without hurting due to carelessness.

Know that there may have customers who do not satisfy with the product, MaxGear willing to offer 100% risk-free satisfaction guarantee. According to some customers, this type of material is easy to get fingerprints all over the surface; which leave an unprofessional outlook.

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05. RFID Blocking Credit Card Holder By America Kings, Aluminum Slim Wallet

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Add one more design which is similar to some Credit card holders wallet for men – the RFID Metal Wallet Case from American Kings. As the material is always known to be the most important element, these top manufacturers utilize the high quality aluminum to protect inner items from several outer damages. Besides, it forms the sleek and professional performance; aim to best suits your skinny jeans or casual trousers.

With the size measures roughly 5.3 x 3.8 x 1.5 inches, metal wallet case highlights the compact size to put in pockets or women’s purse without bending. Apart from the traditional designs, metal wallet case allows you to put inside 6 cards and take them out rapidly by pressing one click. This best metal wallet for men blocks the signals of multiple card types at a frequency of 13.56 MHz. Its cover embossed the golden logo of America Kings to bring the most uniqueness.

If you are seeking for one gift to give to your loved one, consider this one while they can receive it with an elegant texture package. Know that there may have customers who do not satisfy when receiving their items, American Kings willing to return the money back within 1 year.

For more fashionable and sophisticated wallet, check out Best And Cool Slim Wallets For Men

06. RFID Blocking Credit Card Holder – Front Pocket Wallet Protection for Minimalist Men and Women

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With the development of technology, thieves these days seek for your electronic information rather than just grabbing your wallet on the street. And this is the reason leads to the production of wallet attaches to the RFID blocking function. Take advantage of the smooth-to-the-touch stainless steel, best metal wallet for men delivers the glossy appearance to define your true society class. Besides, this material also protects your essentials from external impacts; such as water or unexpected drops.

With the compact size measures roughly 3.7 x 2.5 x 0.4 inches, metal wallet case allows you to put conveniently in pockets. And just feel free to travel around the world when having things protected. In term of capacity, it provides 6 separated slots which the aim to store up to 7 cards. For people who have the habit of keeping cash, you can also have them double folded inside. Still worry when staying at the airports, stations or on a crowded street? The RFID blocking will protect you all!

If you are seeking for one professional gift, then this Best Metal Wallet for Men and Women goes along with an elegant gift box set. To enhance the security, you will find one protective latch features tight lock-up function to secure items from the water.

07. Money Clip Men Metal Wallet Credit Card Business Card Holder 77.5g by JIMITE

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Say goodbye to all bulky wallet, you now have the JIMITE Mens Money Clip Wallet that keeps things on the go. Use high quality aluminum as the main material, this one is not only a money clip. We sure you can use it as one money clip card holder, which is even better than a normal wallet. With the masculine and gentlemen design, this JIMITE is a good option when giving as a gift. (in case you are seeking for one present for your loved one).

“Thin and small” are two priority points you will find when owning the mens money clip wallet. Its capacity allows individuals to carry up to 12 cards easily. And feel free to secure by using one flexible elastic band included. JIMITE money clip card holder attaches to an effective RFID Blocking System that can block the strange signal from cards, including ID card, debit – credit cards.

Since this one utilizes the premium aluminum, you will sure feel the heavy weight when carrying on hands. The elastic band may become too tight for some of you. So don’t forget to stretch out often for better using. The wallet is available in 2 colors: Silver and Gold.

08. Credit Card Holder Card Metal Wallet for Holding Credit Cards and ID Cards, DMFLY Slim Card Holder

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You prefer the slim and masculine design for you best metal wallet for men? Check out this Credit Card Holder Card Metal Wallet. Made of stainless steel in high premium quality, it delivers the long-lasted lifespan compared to others leather one. There are 6 card slots which carry up to 8 cards for basic payment. You can select your cards in just 5 seconds as it presents as the catalog.

To fight against the rise of electric thieves, this metal wallet case equips the strong RFID blocking system that blocks all strange signals. You can put it comfortably in both front and back pocket with the compact size. Metal credit card holder measures 3.9 x 2.6 x 0.6 inches; with slim construction. The precise element is that you can open and close with one hand. Just pressing the button, the card holder will spring right open and snap shut tightly.

DMFLY best metal wallet for men brand offers the best service by offering 45 days for money back. And for any problem relates to the manufacturing process, you will receive a 24-month-worry-free as well. According to most customers, the real size is smaller compared to the mentioned size. Yet, it delivers the light-weight function.

09. Slim Wallet, Gazigo Men Front Pocket Wallet RFID blocking Card Holder Money Clip

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Gazigo seems to be the new metal wallet brand we suggest in our collection. Let’s check out this Gazigo Men Front Pocket Wallet RFID Blocking Card Holder. Feature the combination of carbon fiber and stainless steel, metal wallet delivers the durability. No more worry about your cards having the unexpected scratches or rusty edges after such a long time. As the outer surface utilizes shining aluminum, do not forget to keep your cards clean and neat and look professional

In term of sizing, the dimension measures 3.3 x 2.1 x 0.3 inches. Feature the slim construction, now you can say goodbye to those bulky best metal wallet for men. Metal wallet case divides into 2 separated space including the card deck and money clip. Take advantage of the strong rubber band, it holds up to 4 – 10 cards. For those who are used to pay by cash, carry up to 8 amounts of cash inside the money clip. Wallet offers strong protection by equipping the intensive RFID blocking system.

There are multiple color tones including the black, metal and golden tone. Especially, you can reply the pieces of the accessory with your special screwdriver. Just contact the brand or search in wallet accessory shop for the new replacing materials. Gazigo unique mens wallets brand offers 100% guarantee for a refund or replacement.

10. TriHOLD Ultimate Trifold Black Leather Card Wallet for Men and Women

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All the best metal wallet for men above are bi-fold construction. Yet, this one belongs to the tri-fold metal wallet group – the TriHOLD Ultimate Trifold Black Leather. TriHOLD metal credit card holder balances between the fashionable style and versatility. The unique mens wallets from TriHOLD features a combination of Napa leather and stainless steel. Metal wallet ensures to bring the smoothness from the very first tough as well as the intensive performance.

Wondering about the size? This Trifold Black Leather Meta Wallet Case measures 2.68 x 3.62 inches. When you open, size goes up to 7.68 x 3.62 inches. Take a look inside, metal wallet case features 1 full-length compartment for cash and up to 5 pockets. It gives roomy space since you can put inside 6 – 12 basic cards in total. All the edges seem with solid strong stitches for better construction.

According to most customers, the real size is smaller compared to the mentioned size. Yet, it delivers the light-weight function. But be careful when using since the metal piece closure can get loose after time.

11. Elfish Mini RFID Aluminum Wallet Credit Cards Holder Metal ID Case for Men Women

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Would love to purchase one metal credit card holder in the new and unique design? This Elfish Mini RFID Aluminum Wallet Credit Cards Holder Metal ID Case might be a good choice. Use high-quality aluminum materials, item stands out thanks to its friendly origin. With multiple colors including catchy patterns, women and men can choose the best one that suits their own taste. In term of size, this credit card holder highlights the convenient through average dimension.

When opening, it offers roomy space divides into 7 slots. This is a great number of card slots for you to put in up to 9 cards; including debit/ credit or business nametag. Since there is a rise of electrical thieves, we sure the RFID blocking technology attaches in this aluminum shell will secure all your important information. In case individuals are not satisfied with Elfish item, the brand offers 100% guarantee for a full-refund or replacement.

Based on most comments, the quality of this card holder case is not good enough, which does not result in long-term using. For those who interested in this wallet, kindly avoid dropping to make sure the button closure still works well.

12. Lethnic Slim Money Clip Wallet, RFID Blocking Bifold Leather Business Card Holder

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Welcome you to one of the slimmest accessories – Lethnic Slim Mens Money Clip Wallet. Make use of 100% high-quality cowhide leather, wallet delivers the durability and longevity that meet your needs. While plain accessory became too common, Lethnic ensures to bring prominence through its embossed pattern on its surface. You can select this best metal wallet for men as one perfect gift for your loved one; while it offers an elegant gift box set.

Lethnic item always focuses on the convenience that allows you to carry to anywhere. Its size measures roughly 3.93 x 2.95 x 0.6 inches. Although it features the claim construction, individuals still can put inside 20 – 25 bills, dollars and important receipts. Besides, you will find 2 inner card slots and one clip that can carry up to 7 cards. With the rise of electronic thieves these days, Lethnic tries its effort to reduce by attaching the wallet to effective RFID Blocking system.

Basically, the metal credit card holder from Lethnic brand offers multiple colors in dark tone including black, brown and wine. Why don’t you try and give us some comments?

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People, especially men, are not interested in leather wallets much as before. They crave for something sleeker, slimmer, more fashionable and modern. That’s why best metal wallet for men become more and more popular. There is a bulk of them available in a wide range of prices, but this collection of the best and awesome metal wallets is somewhat handy for you. If you really want a cool wallet to wear in your pocket, check the collection above quickly. For other stylish and beautiful wallets, you can read our Awesome and best metal wallet for men.

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