Best Front Pocket Wallets For Men (Updated 2018)

Reading the headline, individuals will obviously wonder the difference between a best mens front pocket wallet and a back one? It sounds a little odd but we must make sure right from the beginning that the best front pocket wallet is totally different. The front one is the one that was designed as some best and beautiful women bi-fold wallet without the bulk. In addition, it provides roomy space allows you to carry along multiple folder cash, carry your ID and organize your credit, all at once.

If you want to know clearly what it is for, how does it look and now it’s time to come and get closer to its world and take one! Welcome to “Cheap and Best front pocket wallets for men” collection! We sure that you will find out some designs that you have dreamed of your ideal wallet to use in everyday life.

01. Lethnic Minimalist Wallet, Tactical Modern Slim Genuine Leather

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This is a newly released product by the Lethnic minimalist wallet. Exactly as its name, this wallet is simpler than other previous products with a plain two-color design with nice logo embossed. Going inside, there are just three compartments. However, the real fun is the size of every compartment, which was measured smartly to give high customization. You can store many kinds of stuff in each, for example, money, bank cards, ID cards, member card, etc.

With this amazing design, you can store up to 10-15 cards and lots of money with many ways to streamline. And again, RFID Shield for the ultimate security no matter where you are going to. In term of dimension, this one measures 4.33 x 3.15 inches. Although you carry on too many cards, the wallet will stay neatly in your pocket without taking too many spaces.

This one receives most compliments on the design and good construction. Lethnic slim wallets for men come along with elegant gift box set if case you may want to use it as a gift.

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02. Rogue Wallets Bison Wallet – RFID (Brown)

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This Rogue Wallets Bison Wallet – RFID (Brown) seems to appear with the unique shape for convenient using. Made of genuine leather, wallet delivers the long-lasted lifespan and great performance no matter how hard you use. With this one, no more worry about the loss of important information. The RFID blocking system offers a better protection than any elements.

Wondering about the dimension? This slim front pocket wallet measures 5 x 3.4 x 0.25 inches, fits perfectly inside the back and front pocket’s jeans. Feature the slim profile, just organize your item neatly inside 1 compartment, 1 ID pocket, and 3 card slots. The ID window features one finger cut for taking cards in and out easily. The leather front pocket wallet has its edges covered with sturdy stitches, which avoid the unexpected tears.

Wallet receives compliments for the design. The slim front pocket wallet fits perfectly inside pockets and even small purse (if you prefer carrying the purse). However, please be careful when using to avoid unexpected scratches

03. Fossil Sliding 2 in 1 Wallet

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There is one design from Fossil – the Fossil Men’s Ingram Sliding 2-in-1. Make of genuine leather, this one highlights the long-lasted lifespan for a product to withstand different weather conditions. Besides, Fossil takes advantage of the lining cotton for exterior performance to emphasize the elegance. You can use a piece of soft cloth for wiping all the dirt after time using.

In term of dimension, this one measures 3.5 x 4.5 inches. Feature the roomy design, this wallet offers one full-length compartment and up to 10 cards for storing your cards. Interestingly, this one will grab your attention when providing one small slide-out card case; which is very suitable for those who work as a businessman. If you love the vintage look, this wallet ensures to satisfy your needs with tonal-stitched steams and logo embossed in the corner

There have been lots of complaints about the easy damage of exterior design, such as scratches or stain. Therefore, we also recommend using your wallet carefully.

04. Lethnic Mens Bifold Wallet Vertical / Horizontal, Crocodile Embossed Cowhide Genuine Leather, Super Slim

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If you are seeking for one elegant front pocket wallet for men but still reveals the exotic beauty; check out this Lethnic Mens Bifold Wallet Vertical. Made of high-quality cowhide genuine leather, wallet delivers the long-lasted lifespan and perfect performance. Its outer surface is covered by one thin oil layer, which is easier for caring and preserving. For those who prefer the exotic design, this mens front pocket wallet features the soft texture of embossed crocodile pattern. It will definitely grab people attention from the very first time.

In term of sizing, this Lethnic Mens Bifold Wallet Vertical measures roughly 3.73 x 4.52. Although feature the slim construction, it ensures to offer adequate space for credit cards, money, ID driver license. You will find 1 full-length compartment, 4 functional pockets for receipts and important papers. Mens front pocket wallet offers up to 6 card slots, such a great number for keeping your cards well-organized. No more worry about information loss while this one equips a strong RFID blocking system.

As this is the latest product that Lethnic has just crafted. Why don’t you give it a try and share with us? In case individuals are not satisfied with the item, Lethnic offers 180-day risk-free trial with a full refund or free replacement.

05. Alpine Swiss Mens Wallet Leather Money Clip Thin Slim Front Pocket Wallet

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For those who have never used the slim pocket, then you should give this Genuine Leather Money Clip front pocket wallet a try. Produced by Alpine Swiss, they utilize the genuine leather and premium material to adapt the standard products and satisfy the needs of customers. Also, you can experience the quality of this wallet through the careful and detailed stitches on the surfaces.

Mentioning about the interior design, it has 3 slots for storing cards and bills, and one ID window so that individuals can keep their ID card. If you are wondering about the size, this Alpine Swiss Men’s Wallet measures 4.3 x 3.4 x 0.8 inches. As a result, you can find your wallet easier when it was stuck in a messy heap of stuff. One precise element is provided money-clip allows you to keep cash in one tidy place. The mens front pocket wallet is available in two main colors including black and brown in different tones.

This is one comfortable money-clip wallet for you to bring some basic cards and money. However, the money clip seems to be a little bit weak; which can make cash or cards slide out when putting in too many.

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06. Lethnic Slim Money Clip Wallet, Bifold Leather Business Card Holder With ID Window

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If you have become farmiliar with the Lethnic Money Clip Wallet Series 1.0, this new version will grab your interest from the very first time. Different from another brand, this one utilizes genuine cowhide leather which delivers the durability. For people who are in love with exotic performance, you will find the beautiful crocodile embossed leathers that not only nails your unique style but also gives a luxury look.

In term of dimension, this one measures 4.13 x 2.95 x 0.6 inches. The lethnic leather front pocket wallet is minimalist and lightweight for you to carry on the back pocket. Although feature the slim design, it still offers space for up to 15 bills and 10 cards. Besides, there is 1 ID window and money clip in case you prefer using cash. Are you seeking one gift for your loved one? This Lethnic Slim Money Clip wallet comes along with a distinctive box design.

Wallet receives lots of compliments thanks to the good quality and sophisticated design. But you need to be careful with the clip when using. Why don’t give it a try and share with us?

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07. Bellroy Card Sleeve, slim leather wallet (Max. 8 cards and bills)

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One traditional thick wallet and another with similar capacity but highlights the slim and sleek construction; then which one would you choose? For this Bellroy Card Sleeve, slim leather wallet, all the useful functions lie in one sophisticated design! This is one front pocket ID wallet plays its role in multiple functions; as one card holder or item to put in their black belt. Wallet measures 4 x 2.8 inches (W x H)

In term of construction, best front pocket wallet includes one internal pocket at the center and two outer pockets to put in some daily cards. Bellroy also does not forget to add one pull-tab supply to save the time digging and fumbling around your essentials. Besides, the premium top-grain leather is the main component; which can stretch out and endure the stress caused by multiple things. Just take 8 cards and some folded bills and put in for a better arrangement.

Fortunately, this is a good product which received lots of compliments from customers. Please remember this design is suitable for some basic cards on daily activities. If you are seeking for more spaces, it may not available for all the heavy items.

08. Compact RFID Card Sleeve Wallet Premium Leather Money Clip Card Holder 10 Cards

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Are you seeking for one mens front pocket wallet to use with your best friends? This Urban Tribe wallet brand offers a 10% coupon discount for purchasing more than 2. This is one perfect slim front pocket wallet! Since you can use for multiple purposes, just pick then when going to works, traveling or even use as one business slim wallet for men too. Hence, a perfect selection when choosing this one as birthday gift cause it goes along with elegant gift box set.

In term of dimension, this leather front pocket wallet measures 4.1 X 3.1 inches. Though wallet features average size, there is still roomy space. You just need to keep things organized inside 7 card slots, 1 ID window and one slot for 2 most used cards. No more worry about the loss of information, this slim front pocket attaches to strong RFID blocking system.

Such a great coupon when you will receive 10% FOR BUYING TWO + 6 MONTHS WARRANTY. In case you experienced any dissatisfaction, Urban Tribe is there to help to figure it out. This wallet features a great performance. According to some people, the material is

09. Best Mens Front Pocket Wallet Slim Leather Two Pockets Brown USA Made

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If you’ve never carried one, we predict you will quickly become addicted to the ease and security of this mens front pocket wallet. This item from Col. Littleton takes advantage of top-grain American steer-hide leather that delivers the long-lasted lifespan. You will see wallet is fully lined with leather in contrasting colors.

For people who are wondering about the size, this one measures 3.75 x 3 inches (H x W). Mens front pocket wallet features 2 slots for cash and basic cards. Each slot can hold up to 10 items. In case you are not satisfied with this product, Col. Littleton always sure to offer a guarantee. You can receive the full refund or replacement if there is any dissatisfaction. The package includes a protective cotton canvas dust bag and gift box.

Seems like this one is a new product in this market, there are not many comments. Yet, there are still compliments on the design and good quality. How about you? Why don’t give it a try and share with us?

10. Crabby Wallet – The Ultimate Minimalist Men’s Wallet – Holds 10 Cards – Super Slim – Fits Front Pocket – Secure Elastic Construction

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Similar to the previous one; this Crabby Wallet Front Pocket Wallet delivers the capacity and minimalist through all the functions. Make of 100% elastic material, this wallet delivers the strong performance, we sure you can carry it on hands all day without a burden. Take advantage of 100% elastic, mens front pocket wallet is light-weight to carry on hands for hours. Feel free to put your option among 9 different colors to spice things up.

While the product size measures roughly 4.1 x 0.2 x 2.2 inches, the thin leather wallet stretches out easily to adapt the small or big size of cards. In term of capacity, 10 cards are the maximum you can bring along; and also have them secured by one elastic band combines with rubber grip. For people who often lost your key due to carelessness, consider putting this one on the list while you can utilize the lobster claw key chain.

This best thin wallet for men is the perfect one for you to store basic cards, even some cash based on individual’s preference. It receives lots of compliments for the design and strong performance to protect your needs.

11. Minimalist Aluminum Wallet, Slim Money Clip Metal Wallet RFID Mens Front Pocket Wallet

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  • Have you ever hurt your back for a whole day due to one bulky wallet with the messy items?
  • Have you ever jealous of others since their wallet is so attractive and minimal?
  • Have you ever considered to chase off a minimalist life style by purchasing an accessory that related?

This mens front pocket wallet from Dinghao is such a good choice to consider. Feature a combination of premium carbon fiber and 304 stainless steel; it delivers a unique feeling whenever you touch. Take privacy as the top priority, this item attaches to an effective RFID blocking system. So it can block any strange signal which damages to your privacy.

In term of material, this one measures 3.35 x 2.16 x 0.27 inch; which is convenient for both the back and front pocket. Although its construction is thinner than one traditional wallet, it can hold up to 10 cards. Slim front pocket wallet attaches to one flexible built-in elastic band. It helps both secure the cards and lessen its capacity when necessary. This item features 2 separated element as V-shaped mouth makes it easy to put credit cards into it. On the other hand, C-shaped mouth helps you push cards out conveniently, then cards can be easily accessed.

A wallet is preferred by customers thanks to durable materials and good construction. However, others say it gets too bulky when you put inside too many items.

12. Leather Money Clip Wallet “Combat Boot Leather” Recycled, Waterproof & Fireproof

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One more version of mens front pocket wallet, which gets your interest from the very first time. Made from whole hides of discarded U.S. Military boot leather, this material is waterproof and fireproof! Wallets edges are sewn with T-90 nylon thread in contrasting color. This element not just reflects the strong construction, but ensures the friendly environment component as well.

Swipe away the pain that one traditional wallet brings to your back, this one offers adequate space for up to 8 basic cards. For people who always need to bring along some cash, there is one elastic band for securing the item in its best place. The leather front pocket wallet has a strange smell of genuine leather, just leave it in a ventilated area to get rid of this smell.

Wallet receives compliments for the design. The slim front pocket wallet fits perfectly inside pockets and even small purse (if you prefer carrying a purse). However, please be careful when using to avoid unexpected scratches

13. NapaWalli Genuine Magnetic Napa Leather Front Pocket Money Clip Slim Minimalist Wallet

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We sure you will be amazed by the diversity in color of these Napa Walli mens money clip wallet. When purchasing any accessory, customer priority is to seek good quality. And Napa Walli makes itself stand out by using the full-grain crazy horse leather. Feature the detailed stitching, mens money clip wallet even remains its own beauty no matter how time flies.

In term of sizing, this NapaWalli Genuine front pocket wallet with money clip measures 4 x 3 inches and fits perfectly in your front and back pockets. Kindly organize things neatly inside 3 card slots, 2 additional lagers one, and 1 ID window. With this one, no more worry about the loss of information thanks to an effective RFID blocking system. Napa Walli slim front pocket wallet takes advantage of the Rare-Earth Magnets. This is one of the strongest magnet kinds so you don’t have to worry if money is falling all over around.

This mens front pocket wallet delivers the slim in construction, which makes it easy to carry around. Yet, wallet seems to get bulkier when putting too many things inside. Whenever you are not satisfied with the item, Napa Walli offers 1-year guarantee for any problems or replacement.

14. Slim Mens Front Pocket Wallet – RFID with Strap Money Clip – Premium Quality

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Among wallet brands in the market, HUSKK offers you the most stylish, comfortable wallet with exotic performance. This is perfect for men who are in love with vintage accessory. Utilize premium full-grain leather, wallet delivers the long-term durability. Since mens front pocket wallet has gone through one strict process of testing and re-engineering, kindly put your expectation on us!

This HUSSK front pocket wallet with money clip equips to a strong RFID blocking system. You do not need to worry about the loss of information while you have our best guard. Feature the slim design; wallet can carry up to 8 cards for basic activities. Just organize your item neatly into 2 pockets for card, 1 ID window and one money clip (if people prefer using cash as well).

In case you experienced any dissatisfaction, HUSKK is there to help to figure it out by offering a replacement or full refund. This is one comfortable money-clip wallet for you to bring some basic cards and money. However, please be careful to avoid wallet falls over around while carrying.

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Introducing a collection, especially a nice one like Best mens front pocket wallet for men, always give me much emotions and the admiration. It makes me use lots of compliment adjectives and exclamation sentences, which may express my thoughts. This collection is amazing, polite, luxurious and not expensive. It is for you! Don’t hesitate any more to pick up one leather front pocket wallet suitable for your own.

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